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H e r z s t e in , R o b e r t Edw in .
The war tha t H i t le r won: the most in-
famous propaganda campaign in history.
New York, Putnam’s
Sons, 1978. 491 p.
H o e n ig , S idney
The scholarship of Dr. Sameul Be lk in .
New York,
Yeshiva University Press, 1977. 137 p. Paperbound.
Survey and analysis of Dr. Belkin’s scholarly writings.
T h e H o l o c a u s t .
Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, 1977. 75 p. Paperbound.
Historical survey with illustrations.
The Jews and the Crusaders: the H ebrew chronicles of the First and
Second Crusaders.
Tr. and ed. by Shlomo Eidelberg. Madison,
Wis., University of Wisconsin Press, 1977. 186 p.
K o ch an , L i o n e l .
The Jew and his history.
New York, Schocken,
1977. 104 p.
Study of the course of Jewish historiography in the Diaspora.
Ko l Shearith Israel: a hundred years of Jewish life in Panama, 1876-
Panama, Centennial Book Committee, Congregation Kol
Shearith Israel, 1977. 487 p.
Commemorative volume with data concerning the background
and development of that community.
K o p e le v , Lev .
T o be preserved forever.
Tr. and ed. by Anthony
Austin. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott, 1977. 268 p.
Memoir of Jewish high ranking officer in the Soviet army who
lost his position because he spoke out against injustice.
K y l e , M e l v in G ro v e .
Exp lora tion at Sodom: the story of ancient
Sodom in the ligh t of modern research.
New York, Arno Press,
1977. 141 p.
K y l e , M e l v in G ro v e .
Excavating K irja th-Sepher’s ten cities.
York, Arno Press, 1977. 203 p.
Reprint of Grand Rapids edition of 1934.
L aqu eu r , W a l t e r .
Terrorism .
Boston, Little, Brown and Co., 1977.
277 p.
Historical and sociological study with a discussion of future
possibilities of terroristic movements.
L ev in , N o r a .
Wh ile Messiah tarried: Jewish socialist movem en ts, 1871-
New York, Schocken, 1977. 554 p.
Survey of the history of various branches of Jewish socialism
in Eastern Europe, Palestine and America.
L ew i t t e s , M e n d e l l .
Re lig ious founda tions of the Jewish State: the
concept and prac tice of Jewish sta tehood from b iblical times to
the modern State of Israel.
New York, Ktav, 1977. 271 p.
L in k -S a l in g e r (H ym an ) , R u t h .
Gustav Landauer, ph ilo soph er of
Indianapolis, Hackett Publishing, 1977. 171 p.
Biography and evaluative study.