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M a l in o , F r an c e s .
T he Sephardic Jews of Bordeaux: assim ilation and
emancipa tion in revo lu tionary and N apo leon ic France.
sity, Ala., University of Alabama Press, 1978. 166 p.
M a r g o l in , A r n o ld D a v id o v ich .
Ukraine and po licy of en ten te .
from Russian. Temple Hills, Md., McDonald 8c Eudy, 1977. 261 p.
Background of Jewish-Ukrainian relations during World War I.
M emorbook: history of Dutch Jewry from the Renaissance to 1940
w ith 1100 illustrations and tex t by Mozes H eiman Gans.
Bosch 8c Keaning, 1977. 850 p.
M en uh in , Y ehud i .
Unfinished journey.
New York, Alfred A. Knopf,
1977. 393 p.
N e g ev , A v rah am .
Archeology in the Land of the B ible.
New York,
Schocken, 1977. 131 p.
Survey with illustrations.
N e g ev , A v rah am .
The inscriptions of Wadi Haggag, Sinai.
Institute of Archeology, Hebrew University, 1977. 100 p.
Y e h u d a L o e v e B e n B e z a l e l , M a h a r a l
o f
P r a g u e .
The M izvah
candle: on the four ancient wor ld empires
w ith emphasis on
Greece and the story of Hanukah.
J e r u s a l em , B e r -A ry eh I n t e r -
n a t i o n a l , 1977. 160p. P a p e r b o u n d .
Rescue a ttem p ts during the Holocaust.
Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, 1977.
679 p.
Proceedings of the second Yad Vashem international historical
conference, April 8-11, 1974.
R o s e n f e l d , L u l l a .
Brigh t star of ex ile: Jacob A d le r and the Yiddish
New York, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1977. 368 p.
Life story of Jacob Adler, and history of the Yiddish theater
in America.
R o t h , C e c i l .
The Sassoon dynasty.
New York, Arno Press, 1977. 280 p.
Reprint of London edition of 1941.
R ub in , A r n o ld
The ev il that men do: the story of the Nazis.
York, Julian Messner, 1977. 223 p.
R u b en s te in , F rank
The early years 1908-1919 (T h e Dropsie College
for H ebrew and Cognate Learning).
Philadelphia, Pa., Dropsie
University, 1977. 48 p. Paperbound.
San d row , N ahm a .
Vagabond stars: a world history of Jewish theater.
New York, Harper 8c Row, 1977. 435 p.
S h a f r a n , H a r o l d
Jews on the fron tier.
Chicago, Henry Regnery Co.,
1977. 330 p .
History of Jews in the American West.