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S ig a l , P h i l l i p .
The emergency of con temporary Judaism : vo l. tw o—
survey of Judaism from the 7th to the 17th centuries.
Pa., Pickwick Press, 1977. 623 p. Paperbound.
S im on sohn , S h lom o .
H istory of the Jews in the Duchy of Mantua.
Jerusalem, Kiryath Sepher, 1977. 902 p.
S k la r , D u s t y .
Gods and beasts: the nazis and the occult.
New York,
Thomas Y. Crowell, 1977. 180 p.
Thesis that nazism with its virulent anti-Semitism was rooted
in occult German movements of the past century.
S l in g e r la n d ,
D ix o n .
The Testam en ts of the twe lve patriarchs: a
critical history of research.
Missoula, Mont., Scholars Press, 1977.
122 p.
S t e in e r t , M a r l i s
H i t le r ’s war and the Germans: pu b l ic m ood and
a t t i tud e during the second wor ld war.
Ed. and tr. by Thomas E. J.
de Witt. Athens, O., Ohio University Press, 1977. 783 p.
S t e r n , A u g u s t ,
The USSR vs. Dr. M ikhail Stern: the only tape
recording of a trial smuggled ou t of the Soviet Union .
Tr. from
the Russian by Marco Carynnyk. New York, Urizen Books,
1977. 267 p.
S t e r n , F r i t z .
Gold and iron: Bismarck, B leichrdder, and the bu ild ing
of the German emp ire .
New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1977. 620 p.
Study highlighting the role of the Jewish banker, Bleichrdder,
in Bismarck’s rise' to power.
S za jk ow sk i , Zosa.
An illustra ted sourcebook on the Holocaust, vo l. 1.
New York, Ktav, 1977. 155 p.
T r a in in , I sa a c
From the pages of my communal diary: history of
the D epa r tm en t of Re lig ious Affairs, 1952-1977.
Ed. by Norman
Linzer. New York, Commission of Synagogue Relations of the
Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, 1977. 521 p.
In addition to a history of the Department of Religious Affairs
of New York’s Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, 1952-1977,
the volume includes major papers delivered by the author, and
relevant articles by rabbis and Jewish social workers.
W a gn e r , S t a n l e y
M. and
B re ck , A l l e n
Great confron ta tions in
Jewish history.
Denver, Colo., University of Denver, Department
of History, 1977. 135 p. Paperbound.
J. M. Goldstein lecture series in Judaica, 1975.
W e inb erg , D av id
The Jews in Paris in the 1930s: a commun ity on
Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1977. 239 p.
W e rb low sk y ,
R. J.
Joseph Karo lawyer and mystic.
2nd ed. Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1977. 319 p. Paperbound.