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K o l l e k , T ed d y
K o l l e k , Am os .
For Jerusalem.
New York, Random
House, 1978. 269 p.
Autobiographical work.
M c C a l l , T h om a s and L e v i t t , Z o la .
Israel and tom orrow ’s temp le .
Ch icago , M oody Press,
1977. 159
p. P ap erbound .
Revision of
Satan in the Sanctuary
published in 1973.
The M idd le East: U.S. po licy , Israel, oil and the Arabs, th ird ed ition .
Washington, D.C., Congressional Quarterly, 1977. 196 p. Paper-
N e l s o n , W a l t e r H e n r y
P r i t t i e , T e r r e n c e
C. F.
The economic
war against the Jews.
New York, Random House, 1977. 269 p.
Documented expos^ of Arab economic pressures against Israel.
N eub e rg , A ss ia .
The State of Israel, an anno ta ted bibliography: vol.
II, 1969-1975, w ith supp lem en ts to vo l. I.
Jerusalem, Center for
Public Libraries in Israel, 1975. 534 p.
Comprehensive listings, both current and retrospective, on the
State and its history, including books, pamphlets and collective
works in Hebrew, Yiddish and several European languages.
N in io , M a r c e l l a
et al, eds.
Opera tion Suzannah as to ld by A v iezer
to Golan.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Peretz Kidron. New York,
Harper 8c Row, 1978. 383 p.
Autobiographical accounts by four participants in the “Cairo
mishap” of 1954.
O d enh e im e r , W ( i l l i a m ) H .
Jerusalem and its v icn ity : a series of
fam iliar lectures on the sacred localities.
New York, Arno Press,
1977. 218 p.
Reprint of publication in 1855 by H. E. Butler 8c Co., Phila-
P ioneer se ttlem en t in the twen ties.
New York, Arno Press, 1977.
91, 76 p.
Includes two reprints: a. “The martyrs of Hebron” by Leo
Gottesman, New York, 1930; b. “Palestine the Holy Land” by
Mendel Silber, Houston, Texas, 1927.
Q u an d t , W i l l i a m
Decade of decisions: American po licy toward
the Arab-Israeli conflict, 1967-1976.
Berkeley, University of Cal-
ifornia Press, 1977. 313 p. Paperbound.
R ab in o v ich , I t am a r
S h a red , H a im
From June to October:
the M idd le East between 1967 and 1973.
New Brunswick, N.J.,
Transaction Books, 1978. 419 p.
Comprehensive overview of the various facets and essential
data on this period of Middle Eastern history.