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R e ic h , B e rn a rd .
Quest fo r peace: U n ited States-Israel re la tions and
the Arab-Israeli conflict.
New Brunswick, N.J., Transaction Books,
1977. 495 p.
R o sen , S t e v e n
M ilitary geography and the m ilitary balance in the
Arab-Israel conflict.
Jerusalem, Hebrew University, 1977. 79 p.
R u b en s te in , A l v in
R e d star on the N ile : the Soviet-Egyptian in-
fluence re la tionsh ip since the June War.
Princeton, N.J., Prince-
ton University Press, 1977. 383 p.
S a f r a n , N adav .
Israel the em ba ttled ally.
Cambridge, Mass., Belknap
Press of Harvard University Press, 1978. 633 p.
History of Israel and its relations with the United States from
1947 through Kissinger’s shuttle diplomacy.
S c h i f f , G a r y S.
T rad ition and po litics: the religious parties of Israel.
Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1977. 267 p.
Study encompassing the history of the four religious parties
in Israel, their adaptations to reality in the pre-State era under
the British mandate, and their roles in the life of the State.
S e v e la , Ephra im .
Farewell, Israel!
Tr. from Russian by Edmund
Browne. South Bend, Ind., Gateway Editions, 1977. 295 p.
Critical account of difficulties encountered by a disillusioned
Russian immigrant in Israel.
Sh im on i, G id eon .
Gandhi, Satyagraha and the Jews: a fo rm a tive factor
in Ind ia ’s po licy towards Israel.
Jerusalem, Hebrew University,
1977. 60p. Paperbound.
S o b e l , L e s t e r
A., ed.
Palestinian impasse: Arab guerilla and interna-
tional terror.
New York, Facts on File, 1977. 282 p.
Chronicle of events following the Arab-Israeli war in June 1967.
S t ev e n s , R ic h a r d
P. and
E lm e s s ir i , A b d e lw a h a b
Israel and South
Africa: the progression of a re la tionsh ip .
New Brunswick, N.J.,
North American, 1977. 288 p. Paperbound.
Revised edition. Anti-Israel orientation.
T h om p son , C h a r l e s .
A v iew of the H o ly L and , its pre sen t inhab-
itan ts, the ir manners and customs, p o l i ty and re lig ion : an tiqu ity
and natural history of Egyp t, Asia and Arabia; w ith a curious
descrip tion of Jerusalem as it now appears, and o ther parts of
the world m en tion ed in the Scriptures.
New York, Arno Press,
1977. 495 p.
Reprint of publication in 1850 by John B. Wolff, Wheeling, Va.
W e izm ann , Cha im .
The le tters and papers of Chaim Weizmann .
Ed. by Dvorah Barzilay and Barnet Litvinoff. New Brunswick.
N.J., Transaction Books, Rutgers University, 1977. 307 p.
Vol. VIII, series A, November 1917-October 1918.