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F e ld e r , A a r o n .
Oho le i Yeshurun: a com p ila tion of Jewish laws and
trad itions dea ling w ith Yichud, Sheva Broches, Tevilas Ka ilim ,
and Hechsher K a ilim .
New York, author, 1977. 106 p.
F e ld b lum , E s t h e r Y o l l e s .
The American Catholic press and the
Jewish State 1917-1959.
New York, Ktav, 1977. 199 p.
Survey of evolution of American Catholic opinion on Zionist
issues from the Balfour Declaration until the Suez War.
F e n d e l , Z e c h a r ia h .
A n v i l of Sinai.
New York, Hashkafah Publica-
tions, 1977. 438 p.
Essays, in letter form, on Torah and Judaism and their relev-
ancy to contemporary life.
F r e e h o f , S o lom o n
R e form responsa for our time.
Cincinnati, He-
brew Union College Press, 1977. 320 p.
Responsa to questions concerning the observance and inter-
pretation of traditional Jewish customs and religious law.
Gersonides’ the Wars of the Lord , treatise three: on God ’s know ledge.
Tr. and commentary by Norbert Max Samuelson. Toronto,
Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 1977. p. Paperbound.
G r e en b e rg , S imon.
The ethical in the Jewish and American heritage.
New York, The Jewish Theological Seminary, 1977. 327 p.
Analysis of the sources of ethical authority.
G ross , D a v id
1,001 questions and answers abou t Judaism.
City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1978. 295 p.
Comprehensive view concerning beliefs, ritual, synagogue, Israel
and Jewish history.
The Haggadah treasury.
Ed. by Nosson Scherman. New York, Zeirei
Agudath Israel of America, 1978. 200 p.
H e in em an , Jo sep h .
Prayer in the Ta lmud .
Berlin, Walter de Gruyter,
1977. 320 p.
Study of various types of rabbinic prayer and their formal
H o f fm a n n , D av id .
The first Mishna and the controversies of Tan-
naim. The H ighest Court in the City of the Sanctuary.
Tr. from
the German by Paul Forchheimer. New York, Maurosho Publica-
tions of Congregation Kehillah Yaakov, 1977. 203 p.
Ja cob s , L ou is .
Jewish mystical testimonies.
New York, Schocken, 1977.
270 p. Paperbound.
Anthology of mystical texts from biblical times to the present.
K ah an e , M e ir .
Why be Jew ish?: intermarriage, assimilation and
aliena tion .
New York, Stein and Day, 1977. 251 p.
Work focuses attention on the cultural and psychological defects