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in American Tewish life which provoke the question, “why be
K a tz , S t e v e n
Jewish ideas and concepts.
New York, Schocken,
1977. 326 p.
Elucidation of main elements of Judaism which form the
building blocks of its intellectual tradition.
K u shn er , L aw r e n c e .
H oney from the rock: vision of Jew ish mystical
New York, Harper 8c Row, 1977. 151 p.
Lasker, D a n ie l
Jewish ph ilosoph ica l po lem ics against Christian-
ity in the M idd le Ages.
New York, Ktav/Anti-Defamation League
of B ’nai B ’rith, 1977. 286 p.
Analysis of Jewish philosophical arguments against Christian
doctrines, e.g. Trinity, incarnation, trans-substantiation, virgin
L eh rm an ,
S. M.
The Jewish design for living.
New York, Shengold,
1976. 376 p.
Analysis of the ethics of Judaism.
L u z za t o , M o sh e Cha im .
The Way of God
an essay on funda-
Tr. and annotated by Aryeh Kaplan. New York, Feld-
heim, 1977. 407 p.
Original Hebrew texts and translations printed on opposite
M cG a r r y , M i c h a e l
Christology after Auschwitz.
New York, Paulist
Press, 1977. 119 p.
The M e ’Am L o ’ez Haggadah (Ashkenazic), w ith commen tary by Yaakov
Tr. by Aryeh Kaplan. New York, Maznaim, 1978. 209 p.
M o e l l e r , H e n r y
The legacy of Zion: in tertes tam en ta l tex ts re la ted
to the N ew Testam en t.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Baker Book House,
1977. 212 p.
Sourcebook of documents which illuminate the relationship of
the New Testament to its Judaic background.
N eu sn e r , Ja cob .
A history of the M ishnaic law of Purities: p a r t twen ty-
two, the M ishnaic system of Uncleanliness.
Leiden, Brill, 1977.
314 p.
The Passover Haggadah M eAm L o ’ez, w ith commen tary by Yaakov
Tr. by Aryeh Kaplan. New York, Maznaim, 1978. 278 p.
P a t a i , R a p h a e l .
The Jewish m ind .
New York, Charles Scribner’s
Sons, 1977. 624 p.
Analysis of fundamental data regarding Judaism and Jewish
attitudes, including the essence of Judaism, external influences