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upon Jewish intellectual developments through the ages, Jewish
self awareness, and other vital phenomena.
P a w l ik o w sk i , J o h n .
Sinai and Calvary: a m ee ting of two peop les .
Beverly Hills, Cal., Benziger, 1976. 229 p. Paperbound.
Popularly written projection of the relationship between Juda-
ism and Christianity.
P l isk in , Z e l ig .
Love you r neighbor.
Jerusalem, Aish HaTorah,
1977. 476 p.
Guide to man’s relationship with his fellow man.
P o l n e r , M u r ra y .
R a b b i; the American experience.
New York, Holt,
Reinhart and Winston, 1917. 244 p.
Record of interviews with rabbis describing their roles and
functions in all types of American Jewish communities.
Primus, C h a r l e s .
A q iva ’s con tribu tion to the Law of Zera’im.
Brill, 1977. 210 p.
Study of traditions concerning agricultural laws ascribed to
Rabbi Akiva in the earliest strata of rabbinic literature.
R e ism an , B ern a rd .
The Chavurah, a con temporary Jewish experience.
New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1977.
233 p. Paperback.
R o sen zw e ig , E fr a im .
We Jews: in v ita tion to a dialogue.
New York,
Hawthorn Books, 1977. 177 p.
Guide to Jewish beliefs and overview of Jewish history.
S h a f r a n , A v i.
Jew th ink , a gu ide to real Judaism for the th ink ing
ind iv idua l.
New York, Hermon Press, 1977, 94 p.
Concise profile of religious Judaism for laymen.
S i e g e l , S eym ou r
G e r t e l , E l l i o t ,
Conservative Judaism and
Jewish law.
New York, Rabbinical Assembly, 1977. 337. p.
Collection of essays on Halakhah from the point of view of
Conservative Judaism.
S i n g e r ,
J o sep h
I., ed.
Sermon manual pub lished by the R abb in ica l
Council of America.
New York, Rabbinical Press, 1977. 298 p.
Sm ith , M a r g a r e t .
An in troduc tion to mysticism , first pub lished as
an in troduc tion to the history of mysticism.
New York, Oxford
University Press, 1977. 121 p. Paperbound.
S ta v sk y , D av id .
Proclaim liberty throughout the land: a rabb i speaks.
New York, Judaica Press, 1977. 177 p. Paperbound.
Collection of sermons.
The Tosefta from the H eb rew , sixth d ivision T ohoro t (the order of
By Jacob Neusner. New York, Ktav, 1977. 366 p.
W a r sh aw , M a l .
T rad ition : O r thodox Jewish life in America.
York, Schocken, 1977. 118 p. Paperback edition.