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C entral Conference of American Rabb is: eighty-eighth annual con-
ven tion , vo l. L X X X V I I .
Ed. by Elliot L. Stevens. New York,
Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1978. 414 p.
C o l e , P e t e r ,
S tudies in modern H eb rew syntax and semantics:
the transformational-generative approach.
Amsterdam, North-
Holland Publ., 1976. 285 p. Paperbound.
Course of lectures on the Jews.
New York, Arno Press, 1977. 499 p.
Reprint of 1840 edition. Lectures were delivered by ministers
of the Established Church in Glasgow.
E lk in s ,
P e r e t z .
Jewish consciousness raising, a handbook for
50 exper ien tia l exercises.
Rochester, N.Y., Growth Associates,
1977. 94 p. Paperbound.
Gratz College annual of Jewish studies, vo l. VI.
Philadelphia, Gratz
College, 1977. 120 p. Paperbound.
Essays dealing with scholarly as well as contemporaneous issues.
I. Edward K iev , 1905-1975.
New York, I. Edward Kiev Library
Foundation, 1977. 64 p.
Collection of memorabilia.
Instructions and in terpre ta tions: studies in H ebrew language, Pales-
tinian archeology and biblical exegesis.
Leiden, Brill, 1977. 129 p.
Papers read at the joint British-Dutch Old Testament confer-
ence held at Louvain 1976.
Jewish Book Annua l, vo l. 35, 573811977-197
New York, Jewish
Book Council of JWB, 1977. 276 p.
K a fk a , Fran z .
L e tte rs to friends, fam ily and editors.
ard and Clara Winston. New York, Schocken, 1977. 509 p.
K a g a n o f f , B en z io n
A dictionary of Jewish names and the ir his-
New York, Schocken, 1977. 250 p.
Study in etymology and other aspects, especially folklore, of
Jewish names.
K a y ser , R u d o l f .
The saints of Qumran: stories and essays.
by Harry Zohn. Cranbury, N.J., Associated University Presses,
1977. 188 p.
Collection includes stories on biblical themes, literary essays,
and essay studies on religion and philosophy.
L e v i ta n , T in a .
V iewpoin ts on science and Judaism .
New York, Board
of Jewish Education of Greater New York, 1978. 176 p. Paper-
Presentations reflecting approach of Orthodox Judaism.
L u b e r t , S t e v e n
et al, eds.
Chutzpah: a Jewish libera tion anthology.
San Francisco, New Glide, 1977. 191 p. Paperbound.