Page 167 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 36

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N eu sn e r , Ja cob .
The academic study of Judaism , essays and reflections.
],,lew York, Ktav, 1977. 229 p. Second series.
P ick . P h i l ip L.
Tree of life: an anthology of articles appear ing in
the Jewish Vegetarian, 1966-1974.
New York,
A .
S. Barnes, 1977.
118 p.
Proceedings of the Rabb in ica l Assembly: seven ty six th annual con-
v en tion , vo l. X X X V I I I .
New York, The Rabbinical Assembly,
1977. 350 p. Paperbound.
S ingerm an , R o b e r t .
Jewish and H ebrew onomastics; a bibliography.
New York, Garland Publishing, 1977. 132 p.
Lists literature on the etymology, history and folklore of Jewish
and Hebrew personal names. Informative annotations.
S ivan , R eu v en ,
L ev e n s to n , Edward
A., eds.
The new Ban tam -
M eg iddo H ebrew and English d ictionary.
New York, Schocken,
1977. 399, 294 p.
Up-to-date and comprehensive dictionary, containing 46,000
entries, which reflect the evolution of both languages in science,
technology and everyday conversation.
The Solomon Goldman lectures: perspec tives on Jewish learning,
by Stanley Kazan and Nathaniel Stampfer. Chicago, Spertus Col-
lege, 1977. 85 p.
South-African Jew ry: a survey of the Jewish commun ity; its con-
tribu tions to South Africa; directory of communal institu tions;
and a Who’s Who of lead ing personalities.
Ed. by Leon Feldberg.
Johannesberg, South African Jewry and Who’s Who, 1977. 528 p.
Third revised edition.
The spice and sp ir i t of kosher-Jewish cooking.
Brooklyn, N.Y., Lu-
bavitch Women’s Organization, 1977. 370 p.
Assembly of recipes for various occasions with elucidations on
the Jewish home and kashruth.
S t o r e r ,
J. W.
The presiden ts and the B ib le: m ed ita tions on the B ib le
tex ts used by our presiden ts, from L incoln to Carter, at their
Nashville, Tenn., Broadman Press, 1977. 181 p.
V an D e r H e id e , A l b e r t .
H ebrew manuscripts in L e iden Un iversity
Leiden, Leiden University Press, 1977. 127 p. Paperbound.
Velikovsky and establishmen t science.
Glassboro, N.J., Kronos Press,
1977. 144 p.
Work includes rejoinders to attacks on Velikovsky’s theories.
W e in r e ich , U r i e l .
Modern English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English dictionary.
New York, Schocken, 1977. 789 p. Paperbound.
Y e v a r o v i t c h , I s r a e l
The writings of Zeev Jabotinsky 1897-1940.
Tel Aviv, Jabotinsky Institute of Israel, 1977. 424 p.