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American Jewish Fiction Books
A s t r a c h a n , S am u e l .
Katz-Cohen .
New York, Macmillan, 1978. 441
The saga of big, warm intermarried families who migrate from
Russia to the Bronx.
B en ed ic tu s , D av id .
T he rabb i’s wife.
New York, M. Evans, 1976. 188 p.
The story of Arab terrorists who kidnap the wife of a British
rabbi; her life as a captive and the effect of her being a hostage
upon her husband.
B e r k o v i t c h , R eub en .
New York, Knopf, 1978. 142 p.
The story of the rescue of a young boy captured by the Nazis.
B e r g e l s o n , D av id .
When all is said and done.
Tr. by Bernard Martin.
Athens, Ohio University Press, 1977, 310 p.
Through the heroine, Mirel Hurwitz, Bergelson describes the
dissatisfaction of life by people who lament the quick passing
of time though they continue with their monotonous activities.
Yet, they are aware that elsewhere the almost universal urge for
a dramatic change must be materializing into action.
B erm a n t , Cha im .
The squire of Bor Schachor.
New York: St. Martin’s
Press, 1977. 191 p.
A novel about a British couple who move to Israel and become
involved in several comic situations.
D an , U r i
R a d l e y , Edward .
The Eichmann syndrome.
York, Leisure Books, 1977. 251 p.
The author of
90 m inu tes at En tebbe
tells of the pursuit of a
former Nazi living in Rome.
D ix o n , R o g e r .
Going to Jerusalem.
New York, Coward, McCann and
Geoghegan, 1977. 224 p.
The story of a self-confessed Nazi who is brought to trial in
Jerusalem is complicated by a young Arab seeking revenge.
F a s t , H ow a rd .
The imm igrants.
Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1977. 389 p.
A panoramic novel of immigrants to California, one of whom
is a Jew; the first of a projected trilogy.
F reem an , C y n th ia .
Days of w in ter .
New York, Arbor House, 1978.
375 p.
Story of a British Jew who falls in love in Bucharest.
G e r l i t z , M en a ch im .
H eaven ly city.
New York, Feldheim, 1978.
A collection of stories about Jerusalem.
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