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life and her family are affected by events of this century—the
Depression, World War II, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.
R o s t o v , M a ra .
New York, G.P. Putnam, 1977. 320 p.
The daughter of one who played a key role in the Nazi death
camps seeks, together with her lover, to expose her father two
decades later.
R o t h , P h i l ip .
Professor of desire.
New York, Farrar, Straus and
Giroux, 1977. 263 p.
The tale of David, gifted child of hard-working immigrant
parents, who embarks on a highly intellectual career and who
does not despair even though he is not at home in any group.
S e g a l , B rend a L e s l e y .
New York,
Martin’s Press, 1978. 244 p.
The story of a Sabra commando and an American woman who
fall in love in Israel. An updated
S eym ou r , G e r a ld .
The glory boys.
New York, Fawcett World, 1977.
304 p.
The story of an Israel nuclear scientist who is a target for
New York, Simon and Schuster, 349 p. 1977.
Three young Russian Jews, the “Kingfishers,” hijack a plane
and escape from Russia only to learn that they lack sufficient fuel
to get to Israel and cannot find a country in which to land for
S h a v e ls o n , M e l v i l l e .
The e leven th commandmen t.
New York, Read-
er’s Digest Press, 1977. 197 p.
A satire depicting the turn of world politics because oil is
found in Israel.
Sh erm an , D an .
R id d le .
New York, Arbor House. 1977.
A thriller in which the double of an Israeli agent must be
done away with or else the agent will himself be destroyed.
S i l v e r , W a r r e n
The green rose.
New York, Dial Press, 1977. 305 p.
An historical novel about the poet-philosopher, Ibn Gabirol,
that depicts Jewish life in the Golden Age of Spain.
S t e r n , Cha im .
Isaac: the link in the chain.
New York, Robert Speller
and Sons, 1977. 204 p.
A fictional account of the biblical Isaac.
W e iss , E rn s t .
Tr. by
E lla
R. McKee. Boston, Houghton
Mifflin. 1977. 214 p.
A psychiatrist in 1918 works with a patient, “A.H.,” who tells
of his goal to restore his country’s glory; a novel suggesting
Hitler’s plans for a revived Germany.