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Jewish Juvenile Books
A d l e r , D a v id
Passover fun book.
Illus. by the author. New York,
Bonim Books, 1978, unp. Paper.
Something special for the afikomen-seekers; a paperback of
word-games, number games and puzzles, (ages 6-10)
B am b erg er , D av id .
My peop le .
Vol. I. New York, Behrman House,
1977, 256 p.
Abba Eban’s history of the Jews adapted for youth. Vol. I
covers the Biblical period up to the Jews in America at the time
of the American Revolution. Written with clarity, (ages 11 and up)
Banks , L yn n e R e id .
My darling villa in .
New York, Harper, 1977,
237 p.
Interesting glimpses of an aristocratic Sephardic English family
are contained in this otherwise non-Jewish novel of class-conscious-
ness in contemporary England, (ages 12-16)
B e c k e lm a n , F l o r e n c e
D r e i b l a t t , L o r r a in e .
Some things special
for Shabbat.
Illus, by Mary Warren. New York, Ricwalt Publishing
Co., 1977, 205 p. Paper.
A Shabbat activity book containing information about Shabbat,
blessings, crafts and recipes, (ages 6-10)
B ec k e r , J o y c e .
Jewish holiday crafts.
New York, Bonim/Hebrew
Publishing Co., 1977, 181 p.
A compilation of craft projects to be used for the holidays and
for Shabbat, offering a wide range of information and easy-to-
follow instructions abetted by illustrations. Index, (ages 10-13)
B r in , R u t h
Dav id and Goliath.
Illus. by H. Hechtkopf. New York,
Lerner, 1977, unp.
A skillful retelling of the David and Goliath story using as
sources the Bible, legends and the Psalms with dramatic illustra-
tions. (ages 7-10)
B r inn , R u t h E sr ig .
L e t ’s celebrate! 57 holiday crafts fo r young chil-
Silver Springs, Maryland, Kar-Ben Copies, 1977, unp. Paper.
Simple instructions and illustrations for holiday craft projects;
modest, but attractive, (ages 6-10)
B rod sk y , B e v e r l y .
the author. Phila., Lippincott,
1977, unp.
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