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Humorous, whimsical contemporary version of the Jonah story
in poetic form. Emphasis is on the hazards of the sea-journey,
not on the reasons for the journey. Other than its Biblical deriva-
tion, no Jewish content, (ages 4-8)
F a s t , H ow a r d .
M y glorious brothers.
New York, Bonim/Hebrew
Publishing Company, 1977, 280 p. Paper.
A paperback reprinting of Fast’s moving account about the Mac-
cabean struggle against the Greek overlords of the Jews. The
trauma of making the correct decisions in warfare and the anguish
and pain of that period are brought to life in this novel, (ages
12 and up)
G o ld s t o n , R o b e r t .
N ex t year in Jerusalem. A short history of Zion-
New York, Atlantic—Little, Brown, 1978, 242 p.
An eminently readable history of the Jewish return to Zion.
Faced with repeated catastrophies, the Jews forge* a national
identity and eventually fulfill the age-old toast, “Next year in
Jerusalem.” Indexed, (ages 12 and up)
G r e e n f i e ld , H ow a rd .
Illus. by Elaine Grove. New York,
Holt, Rinehart 8cWinston, 1978. 32 p.
An artfully designed book using stylized scratchboard illustra-
tions to impart a special significance to this telling of the Pass-
over story, (ages 10 and up)
G r o h s k o p f , B e r n i c e .
Children in the w ind.
New York, Atheneum,
189 p.
Essentially a novel of the complexities of human relationships
among teen-agers, two of its most interesting characters are Chris,
the daughter of an ex-Nazi-in-hiding and Marah, daughter of
a survivor of the Holocaust, (ages 10-14)
H erm an , C h a r l o t t e .
Our snowman had o live eyes.
New York, Dutton,
1977, 103 p.
An elderly grandmother struggles to maintain her own identity
after moving into her daughter’s home. “Bubbie” and grand-
daughter Sheilah are good friends who share a secret. Vaguely
Jewish, (ages 10-14)
H ir sh , M a r i ly n .
Deborah the dybbuk .
Illus. by the author. New
York, Holiday House, 1978, unp.
An attempt to adapt the Dybbuk legend for children. Lively,
mischievous Deborah dies and enters the body of a formerly
quiet child, whose personality is improved as a result! (The
subject does not lend itself to cuteness.) (ages 5-9)
---- ,
The Hanukkah story.
Illus. by the author. Bonim/Hebrew Pub-
lishing Co., 1977, unp.