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Special attention to archeological detail is apparent in this finely
rendered pictorial representation of the Hanukkah story, (ages
H ob an , L i l l i a n .
I m e t a traveller.
New York, Harper and Row,
1977, 182 p.
A largely absentee, immature mother takes her daughter to
Israel after her divorce, leaving the eleven-year old to grapple
alone with the problems of growing up. Along the way the girl
begins to understand the joys and burdens of being Jewish,
(ages 10 and up)
J o f f o , Jo sep h .
Anna ’s diary.
New York, Baltimore, 1977, 168 p. Paper.
Led by a violin-playing, charming daughter, a Russian-Jewish
family, fleeing pogroms, goes first to Istambul and then across
Europe. The family’s adventures, both humorous and tragic, reflect
courage and optimism (ages 12 and up)
K ay , M a ra .
In face of danger.
New York, Crown, 1977, 210 p.
One of the few books on the Holocaust in which Jews actively
participate in resistance and rescue. A Jewish family is aided
by a journalist and his niece to escape, but the Jewish mother
has already been active in rescue work and the father takes charge
at the most crucial point. A good adventure story, (ages 12
and up)
K e r r ,
M. E.
New York, Harper, 1978, 183 p.
A teen-age boy’s long absent grandfather turns out to be a
notorious ex-S.S. officer, the one who literally threw concentration
camp inmates to the dogs. (He is a dog-lover.) The boy who has
developed an attachment for this man must make some painful
decisions regarding his own responsibility to society, (ages 10-13)
K lu g e r , R u t h
P e g g y M ann .
The secret ship.
New York, Double-
day, 1978, 136 p.
An adaptation of the author’s book,
The Last Escape,
describes the desperate struggle of Jewish refugees who must first
clear the ice-bound port in Rumania before they can embark on
their illegal voyage to Palestine, (ages 10 and up)
K o eh n , I l s e ,
M ischling, second degree.
New York, Greenwillow/
Morrow, 1977, 240 p.
The plight of Ilse Koehn, who belonged to a “two-secret”
family; the first was that they really were anti-Nazi, and the second
was that she never knew until after the war that she had a Jewish
grandparent, (ages 12 and up)
L a za r , W endy .
The Jewish holiday book.
Illus. by Marion Behr. New
York, Doubleday, 1977, 143 p.