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Recipes, games and crafts for all holidays except Tishah B’av.
The medium blue and yellow print and illustrations are attractive
but more difficult to read. Index, (ages 8-12)
L ev o y , M y ro n .
Alan and Naom i.
New York, Harper Jr., 1977, 192 p.
A poignant portrait of a young girl driven almost insane after
witnessing her father’s death at the hands of the gestapo; a young
boy struggles to restore her normalcy, (ages 11 and up)
L i t t l e , A nn a .
L isten fo r the singing.
New York, Dutton, 1977, 215 p.
Anna’s father brings his family out of Germany when Hitler
comes to power, although they are not Jews. Now in Canada,
Anna has a difficult time adjusting to high school because of her
poor eyesight. (A sequel to
From A n n a ) .
(ages 12 and up)
M ee , C h a r l e s
J r .
Noah .
Ken Munowitz. New York, Harper
&Row, 1978, unp.
A humorously illustrated retelling of the Noah story in black
and white cartoon-like drawings, (ages 4-8)
M u chn ik , M i c h o e l .
The doub le decker pu rp le shul bus.
Illus. by
the author, New York, Merkos L’inyone Chinuch, 1977, 47 p.
Issued in a tiny format, it tells of a family that goes to the city
for the holidays on a special synagogue bus. (ages 3-6)
---- .
H ershel’s houseboat.
Illus. by the author. New York, Merkos
L’inyone Chinuch, 1977.
Children learn about God’s commandments on a trip on
a houseboat, (ages 3-6)
R o se , A nn e .
Re fugee.
New York, Dial, 1977, 118 p.
The anguish of living from day to day without knowing whether
one will ever see one’s family again is conveyed in the story of
a Jewish twelve-year old girl’s flight from Belgium to New York,
where she spends six years waiting for the war to end. (ages 12
and up)
R o s t en , N o rm an .
The wineglass. A Passover story.
Zemach. New York, Walker and Co., 1978, 30 p.
In a chapter taken from the author’s novel
The Boardwalk
and transformed into a picture-book, the only one at the Seder to
see Elijah, is the irreverent grandson, much to the pious grandpa’s
puzzlement. Zemach’s illustrations are charming, but are at odds
with the text, (ages 10 and up)
Rub in , A r n o ld
The ev il that men do: the story of the Nazis.
York, Messner, 1977, 223 p.
An emotional account of the Holocaust; about the values and
beliefs held by individuals, as well as the reasons for them. In-
vestigates those few who risked their lives to save the Jews. Index,
(ages 12 and up)