Page 176 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 36

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S a y p o l , J u d y th .
Come, L e t us we lcome SHABBAT .
Silver Springs,
Md., Kar-ben Copies, 1977, 32 p.
A Shabbat Haggada, starting with tzedakah and including
candle-lighting, blessings, songs, readings, etc. (ages 3-8)
S c h a c h n
w i t z , S e l ig .
Avrohom ben Avrohom .
New York, Feldheim,
1977, 224 p.
A fictionalized account of the legendary tzaddik of Vilna, Val-
entin Potocki. Born to a devout, highly placed Catholic family,
he converted to Judaism and spent his life visiting the major
Jewish communities to ready them for the coming of the Messiah,
(ages 12 and up)
Sp ier , P e t e r .
N oah ’s ark.
New York, Doubleday, 1977, unp.
The artist's translation of an old Dutch poem into a tenderly
colored and detailed illustration of the Noah story, (ages 10
and up)
T a y l o r , Sydney .
Ella of all-of-a-kind fam ily.
Gail Owens.
New York, E. P. Dutton, 1978, 133 p.
Ella, the oldest daughter of this well-loved family, must decide
between a life on the stage and staying close to home and singing
in a choir. The latter allows her to be near Jules, her fiance,
just returned from World War I. The family is still loving,
funny and Jewish, (ages 10-14)