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Anglo-Jewish Books
A b s e , D a n n i e ,
My medical school.
London, Robson Books, 1978.
203 p.
A r o n s o n , T h e o .
Victoria and Disraeli. The mak ing of a roman tic
partnersh ip .
London, Cassell, 1977, xii, 212 p. Ind., 111., Bibl.
A l A sm a r , F o u z i
D a v i s , U r i ,
Towards a Socialist repub lic of
London, Ithaca Press, 1978, 180 p.
A v i -Y o n a h , M i c h a e l
B a r a s , Z v i,
W or ld history of the Jewish
peo p le , Vol. 8: Society and religion in the Second T em p le per iod .
London, W. H. Allen, 1977, xxxiv, 414 p. Ind., 111., Bibl., Map.
B a n t o n , M i c h a e l .
The idea of race.
London, Tavistock, 1977. 190 p.
B ib l .
Exploration of the first serious race theories and new ap-
proaches to the study of both racial and ethnic minorities. Refers
to the Jews.
B e g i n , M e n a c h e m .
Wh ite N ights.
London, Vallentine, Mitchell and
Co., 1977. 240 p.
B e r l i n , I s a i a h .
Kar l Marx. H is life and env ironm en t.
Oxford, Oxford
University Press, 1978. 4th ed., xii, 228 p. Ind.
B e r m a n t , C i ia im .
The Jews.
London, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1978.
288 p.
A study of the key issues of Judaism.
The squire of Bor Shachor.
London, Allen and Unwin, 1977.
191 p.
A novel set in Israel.
B in d e r , L e o n a r d ,
Study of the M idd le East. Research and scholar-
ship in the humanities and the social sciences.
A project of the
Research and Training Committee of the Middle East Studies
Asociations. N.Y., London, Sydney, Toronto, Wiley, 1977. vii,
648 p. Inds., Bibl.
B l o c h , S id n e y
R e d d a w a y , P e t e r .
Russia’s po litica l hospitals. The
abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union.
London, Victor Gollancz,
1977. 510 p. Ind., 111.
An imposing, fully documented volume on an increasingly
controversial aspect of Soviet society.
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