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B l u e , L i o n e l
R o s e , J u n e .
Taste of heaven.
London, Darton,
Longman and Todd, 1977. 138 p. Ind.
Jewish Cookery.
B r o w n , A r c h i b a l d
K a s e r , M i c h a e l ,
The Soviet Union since
the fall of Khrushchev.
London, Macmillan, 1977. 2nd. ed., 249 p.
Refers to Jews.
B r ym , R o b e r t J .
The Jewish intelligentsia and Russian Marxism.
London, Macmillan Press, 1978. viiii, 157 p. Ind.,
B ib l .
A sociological study of intellectual radicalism and ideological
C a n o v a n , M a r g a r e t .
The political thought of Hannah Arendt.
don, Methuen University. Paperback, 1977. 144 p.
C a r s t e n ,
F. L.
Fascist movements in Austria:
London, Sage, 1977.
360 p.
C l a r k , R o n a l d
The man who broke ‘Purple’. The life of the
world’s greatest cryptologist, Colonel William F. Friedman.
don, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1977. 224 p. 111.
C l u t t e r b u c k , R i c h a r d
Guerrillas and terrorists.
London, Faber
and Faber, 1977. 125 p.
Includes the PLO and FLP.
C r o n e r , H e l g a .
Stepping stones to further Jewish-Christian relations.
London, Stimulus Books, 1977. 157 p. (Studies in Judaism and
Christianity, Vol. 1)
An unabridged collection of Christian documents.
C r o s s , J o h n
Sir Samuel Hoare: a political biography.
Cape, 1977. xiv, 416 p. Ind., 111.
Sir Samuel Hoare (Lord Templewood) was Home Secretary
in the Chamberlain Government and was involved with the
rescue of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.
D a i c h e s , D a v id .
Glasgow. A vivid and illuminating portrait of a vigor
ous city.
London, Andre Deutsch, 1977. 256 p. 111.
Includes the Jewish Community.
D a v i s , U r i .
Utopia incorporated. A study of class, state and
corporate kin control.
London, Zed Press, 1977. 182 p. Ind., Bibl.
Under the guise of an anthropological study, attacks Zionist
ideology and the State of Israel as merely an extension of colonial-
ist Western civilization.
D a w i d o w i c z , L u c y
War against the Jews 1933-45.
Middx., Penguin, 1977. 552 p.
Paperback edition of Holocaust history.
D e a c o n , R i c h a r d .
The Israeli secret service.
London, Hamish Hamil-
ton, 1977. 318 p. Ind,, 111. Bibl.