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I r v in g , D a v id .
H i t le r ’s war.
London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1977.
xxxiii, 926 p. Ind., Maps.
Shows that Hitler was not as evil as previous historians claimed
and that he was not responsible for the extermination of Euro-
pean Jewry.
J a c o b s o n , D a n .
T he confessions of Josef Baisz.
London, Seeker and
Warburg, 1977. 204 p.
J e n k in s , D a v id
V i s o c c h i , M a r k .
Mendelssohn in Scotland.
don, Chappell, 1977. 160 p. 111.
Biographical sketch.
K a f k a , F r a n z .
L e tte rs to Felice.
b y
Erich Heller and Jurgen
Born. Trans, from German
b y
J. Stern and E. Duckworth.
Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1978. 704 p. (Modern Classics).
K a g a n o f f , B e n z i o n C .
A dictionary of Jewish names and the ir mean•
London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1978. 250 p.
K a l b , M a r v in
K o p p e l , T e d .
In the national in terest.
Bodley Head, 1978. 372 p.
K a p l a n , H o w a r d .
The Damascus cover.
London, Hodder and Stough-
ton, 1977. 257 p.
Novel about an aging Israeli spy.
K e d o u r i e , E l i e .
England and the M id d le East: the destruction of
the O ttom an Emp ire , 1914-1921.
Hassocks, Sussex, Harvester Press,
1977, 236 p.
K e d o u r i e , E l i e ,
T he M idd le Eastern economy. S tudies in eco-
nomics and econom ic history.
London, Frank Cass, 1977, 185 p.
K e d w a r d ,
H. R.
Resistance in Vichy France. A study of ideas and
m o tiva tion in the Southern Zone 1940-1942.
London, Oxford
University Press, 1978. 324 p.
K e n y o n , K a t h l e e n .
The B ib le and recen t archaeology.
British Museum Publications, 1978.
K o c h a n , L i o n e l ,
The Jews in Soviet Russia since 1917.
With an
Introduction by Leonard Shapiro. Oxford, Oxford University
Press for the Institute of Jewish Affairs, 1978, 3rd ed., ix,
431 p. Ind.
With an additional chapter on 1971-1975 by Lukasz Hirszowicz.
K o l l e k , T e d d y
A m o s .
For Jerusalem. A life.
London, Weiden-
feld and Nicholson, 1978, 280 p. 111.
Autobiography of Jerusalem's mayor.
K u n g , H a n s
L a p id e , P i n c h a s .
B ro ther or L o rd ? A Jew and a
Christian talk toge ther abou t Jesus.
Trans, from German by
E. Quinn. London, Collins, 1977. 44 p.