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L a q u eu r , W a l t e r .
Terrorism .
L ond on , W e id e n fe ld an d N ich o lson ,
1977. 277p.
Ind .
---- .
A history of Zionism .
London, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1977.
656 p. 111., Maps.
L i g h tm a n , S id n e y ,
The Jewish trave l gu ide 1978.
London, Jewish
Chronicle Publications, 1978. 310 p. Ind., 111.
Annual illustrated guide for the Jewish traveller with informa-
tion on Jewish communities, hotel and restaurants the world over.
L u k a c s , J o h n .
T he last European war, Sep tem ber 1939-December
London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1977. x, 562 p.
Ind., 111.
Surveys the effect of the nazi onslaught on the whole continent.
Deals extensively with the Jewish question.
L y o n s , J o h n .
Hassocks Sussex, Harvester Press, 1977, 2nd
rev. ed., 192 p.
M a n g o l d , P e t e r .
Superpow er in terven tion in the M idd le East.
don, Croom Helm, 1977. 208 p.
M a n k o w i t z , W o l f .
H ebrew lesson.
London, Evans Bros., 1977, 16 p.
M a n v e l l , R o g e r .
S.S. and Gestapo: rule by terror.
London, Ballan-
tine Books, Futura, 1977. 160 p. 111.
M e n u h in , Y e h u d i ,
M y Favourite Music Stories.
Guildford, Lon-
don, Lutt Press, 1977. 160 p. 111.
Collection of stories about music, including hasidic one, from
Tales of the H asid im
by Martin Buber.
M i d d l e E a s t A n n u a l R e v i e w .
London, Macmillan, 1977. 400 p.
M i d d l e E a s t Y e a r b o o k
1978. London, International Communications,
Durham, Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Univer-
sity of Durham, 1978. 2nd. ed., 320 p. Maps.
T h e M i l i t a r y B a l a n c e
1977-78. London, International Institute for
Strategic Studies, 1977. I l l p.
Annual survey with a chapter on the Middle East, including
comparisons of military strength of Middle Eastern countries.
M o o n m a n , J a n e ,
Z ionist Yearbook, 1978, 5738-39.
London, Zion-
ist Federation, 1978. 360 p.
M o o r e , A l b e r t C.
Iconography of religions: an in troduc tion .
Press, 1977. 344 p 111.
Generously illustrated guide beginning with primeval religions
and covering all the major faiths of the world, including Judaism.