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S a l b s t e i n , M i c h a e l C . N .
Emancipa tion of the Jews in B r ita in: an
essay on the precond ition s .
Goring-By-Sea, W. Sussex, Author,
1977. 76 p.
S a l i s b u r y , J o h n .
The baby sitters.
London, Seeker and Warburg,
1978. 320 p.
S c h o l e m , G e r s h o m G . ,
Zohar. The Book of Splendour.
Hutchinson, 1977. 125 p.
o n f i e l d , H u g h J o s e p h .
Passover p lo t .
London, Futura Publica-
tions, 1977. 288 p.
S c h o o l s C o u n c i l M o d e r n W o r l d S t u d i e s P r o j e c t .
Arab-Israeli Con-
flict. London, Holmes McDougall, 1977. 96 p. 111.
Syllabus for schools (ages 13-16) attempting to present an
objective survey of the conflict.
S e y m o u r , G e r a l d .
The glory boys.
London, Fontana, 1977. 288 p.
---- .
London, Collins, 1977. 288 p.
Novel about a group of Soviet Jews hijacking an aircraft to
the West and asking for asylum.
S h l a im ,
J o n e s , P e t e r
S a in s b u r y , K e i t h .
British Foreign
Secretaries since 1945.
Newton Abbot, Devon, David and Charles,
1977. 267 p. Ind.
Discusses British foreign policy from 1945 to 1947 with some
emphasis on the Middle East policy of various Foreign Secretaries.
S im o n , U l r i c h .
A technology of Auschwitz.
London, SPCK, 1978.
1st ed. 1967. 160 p.
S in g e r , I s a a c B a s h e v i s .
Crown of Feathers.
Trans, from Yiddish. Har-
mondsworth Middx., Penguin, 1977. 304 p.
Short stories.
---- .
Enemies: a love story.
Trans, from Yiddish. Harmondsworth
Middx., Penguin, 1977. 224 p.
---- .
Na fta li the sto ry te ller and his horse, Sus, and o ther stories.
from Yiddish. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1977. 92 p. 111.
Short stories.
S l a t e r , R o b e r t .
Rab in of Israel.
London, Robson Books, 1977.
224 p. 111.
S lo n im , M a r c .
Soviet Russian literature. W riters and prob lem s , 1917-
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1977, 2nd. ed., 446 p.
Includes Jewish writers.
S m i t h , B r a d l e y
R each ing ju dgm en t at Nuremberg.
London, Andre
Deutsch, 1977. xviii, 349 p. Ind., 111., Bibl.