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Bases his book on hitherto unpublished documents and de-
scribes the difficult task of the eight Nuremberg judges who had
an unprecedented legal and moral case before them.
S p a t e r , G e o r g e
P a r s o n s , I a n .
A marriage of true m inds. An
in tim a te po r tra i t of L eonard and Virginia W oolf.
London, Jon-
athan Cape and Hogarth Press, 1977. 224 p. 111.
S p e a r s , S i r E d w a r d .
Fu lfillment of a mission: Spears mission to Syria
and Lebanon
1941-44. London, Leo Cooper, 1977. xi, 311 p.
Ind., 111.
He was involved in the reshaping of that area during World
War II.
S t e r n , A u g u s t ,
T he USSR versus Dr. M ikha il Stern. An “or•
d inary” tria l in the Soviet Union .
Trans, from Russian by
Marco Carynnyk. London, Jonathan Cape, 1978. 267 p.
S t u c k e n s c h m i d t , H .H .
A rno ld Schoenberg: his life, w or ld and work.
London, J. Calder, 1977. 584 p. Ind., 111.
Comprehensive biography and analysis of his works.
T i b a w i , A d u l L a t i f .
Anglo-Arab re la tions and the question of Pales-
tine 1914-1921.
London, Luzac, 1977. xxvii, 523 p. Ind., Bibl.
T i g e r , L i o n e l
S h e p h e r , J o s e p h .
Women in k ibbu tz .
worth Middx., Penguin, 1977. x, 334 p. Ind., Bibl.
T i n k e r , H u g h .
Race, conflict and the in terna tiona l order: from em-
p ire to U n ited Na tions.
London, Macmillan Press, 1977. 160 p.
Ind., Bibl., Maps.
Examines the race factor in international relations. Deals also
with the Jews.
T r e w , A n t h o n y .
The Soukour dead line .
London, Fontana, 1977.
192 p.
New edition of his novel “Ultimatum.”
U h lm a n , F r e d .
Reun ion .
London, Collins and Harvill, 1977. 112 p.
V a u x , R o l a n d d e ,
et al.
Qumran G ro tte 4:11 (128-4Q 157).
Oxford University Press, 1977. 106 p. 111.
Discoveries in the Judean Desert Series.
V e rm e s , G e z a .
Dead Sea Scrolls: Qumran in perspec tive .
Collins, 1977. 238 p.
W a l k e r , M a r t i n .
The na tiona l fron t.
London, Fontana, 1977. 224 p.
First serious analysis of the British extreme Right.
W a l l a c h , M i c h a e l ,
The Jewish year book 1978, 5738-5739.
London, Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1978. xv, 269 p. Ind.