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W e l t s c h , R o b e r t ,
Year book X X II . Po litica l and religious fer-
men t.
London, Seeker and Warburg, Leo Baeck Institute, 1977.
361 p. Ind., Bibl., 111.
An annual collection of essays on the history and activity
of Jews in Germany during the past century.
W e s t e r m a n n , C l a u s .
The B ib le . A p ic to ria l history.
Oxford, Mow-
bray, 1977. 160 p. 111.
W ie sm a n n , S ig r id ,
Gustav Mah ler in Vienna.
Trans, by Anne
Shelley. London, Thames and Hudson, 1977. 167 p. 111.
W i l l i a m s o n ,
H. G. M.
Israel in the Book of Chronicles.
Cambridge University Press, 1977. xi, 170 p.
Challenges the assumption of the unity of authorship of Ezra,
Nehemiah and Chronicles.
Y o g e v , G e d a l i a .
D iamonds and coral: Anglo-Dutch Jews and eigh-
teen th century trade.
Leicester, Leicester University Press, 1977.
342 p.
Z u c k e rm a n , S o l l y .
From apes to warlords 1904-46.
London, Hamish
Hamilton, 1978. 447 p. 111.