Page 237 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 36

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Dr. Alfred Moldovan
David M. L. Olivestone
Harold U. Ribalow
Yehuda Rosenman
Eve F. Roshevsky
Seymour Rossel
Leon Rubinstein
Herman L. Sainer
Mrs. Murray Sarlin
Julius Schatz
Dr. Menahem Schmelzer
Rabbi Charles Sheer
Dr. Ezra Shereshevsky
Dr. David Singer
Harry Starr
Jacob Steinberg
Ernest L. Weiss
Rabbi Marvin S. Wiener
Dr. Chaim I. Etrog
Mrs. Hilda Faigin
Dr. A. P. Gannes
Julius S. Glaser
Erwin A. Glikes
Dr. Leonard Gold
Fred Grubel
Dr. Paula E. Hyman
Dr. Jacob Kabakoff
Abraham J. Kremer
Dr. Alter F. Landesman
Dr. Emil Lehman
Bernard H. Marks
Dr. Isidore S. Meyer
Philip E. Miller
Dr. Alan A. Mintz
Dean David Mirsky
Joseph Mlotek
Three committees were especially active this year in carrying
out the work of the Jewish Book Council.
The Library Committee, chaired by Dr. Leonard S. Gold, met
to discuss the updating of various bibliographies and to com-
mission new bibliographies. Members of this committee, which
includes Dr. Abraham Berger, Dr. Isidore S. Meyer, Dr. Men-
ahem Schmelzer and Philip E. Miller, circulated and edited all
manuscript submissions for bibliographies.
The Nominations Committee, consisting of Dr. Judah Nadich,
chairman, Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz, William Epstein, Yehuda
Rosenman and Mrs. Victor Wouk, met to draw up the report
of the Nominations Committee on a new slate of officers.
Finally, a special committee was formed to serve as an Evalu-
ations Committee of the
Jewish Book Annual.
This committee
was chaired by Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz. Its members were
Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, Dr. Alan Mintz, Dr. Leonard Gold, Dr.
Charles Angoff, Mr. Hyman B. Bass and Mrs. Ruth Waxman.