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Contributors and Editors
Z a c h a r y
B a k e r ,
assistant librarian, YIVO Institute for Jewish
H y m a n B . B a s s ,
executive director, Congress for Jewish Culture;
author of
Schreiber un Werk;
editor of the three volume
ziungs Encyclopedic.
D r . E u g e n e B . B o r o w i t z ,
past president, Jewish Book Council; editor,
professor of education and Jewish religious thought,
Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion.
Y o s e f Y i t z h a k C o h e n ,
head of catalogue division, Jewish National
and University Library, Jerusalem.
D r . Y a f f a E l i a c h ,
associate professor of Judaic studies, Brooklyn
College, and director of Center for Holocaust Studies.
D r . E l i z a b e t h E . E p p l e r ,
assistant director, Institute of Jewish Affairs,
London, England.
S h i f r a E p s t e in ,
doctoral candidate in the field of Jewish folklore.
S a l a m o n F a b e r ,
rabbi emeritus, Kew Gardens Anshe Sholom Jew*
ish Center, Kew Gardens, N.Y.
T o m
F r e u d e n h e im ,
director, The Baltimore Museum of Art.
Y o h a i G o e l l ,
assistant to administrative director, Center for Public
Libraries; editor,
A b r a h am M . H a b e r m a n n ,
noted bibliographer, author of scholarly
works and authority on medieval Hebrew literature who resides
in Jerusalem.
D r . M i l t o n H in d u s ,
professor of English at Brandeis University;
author of
Charles Reznikoff: A Critical Essay
and editor of
W orlds of Maurice Samuel.
D r . S id n e y
H o e n i g ,
president of the Jewish Book Council; adjunct
professor, Dropsie University; rabbi and author of scholarly works.
D r . J a c o b K a b a k o f f ,
professor of Hebrew, Lehman College of the
City University of New York; author of
Shoharim ve-Ne’manim ,
essays and studies on American Hebrew literature and culture.
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