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the Gutenberg Bible on permanent display, the rich deposits
of Hebraic interest in p r in t and manuscript, the Islamica and
Arabica concerning Jewish influences on Islam and treatment of
Jews in Moslem lands, and the vast ou tpu t of the PLO and
related organizations, to cite bu t a few major examples.
The Library’s Hebraic collections now number 114,670 vol-
umes and our Judaica-Semitica conservatively estimated—in
their wide connotations—exceed 365,000 items.
In conclusion, one should perhaps po in t to two major desider-
ata of importance to the continued growth of all Hebraic col-
lections in this country: a) the unified purchasing of Hebraica
and b) the preservation of Yiddica. Serious consideration must
be given to reinstituting a program similar to the PL 480, Tel
Aviv, which for a decade, under the auspices of the Library
of Congress, supplied twenty-five American libraries with current
Israeli imprints and bibliographic details about them. As for the
Yiddica, an immediate concerted effort must be launched to re-
produce in photo-offset, not on microfilm, hundreds of important
and rare Yiddica printed on poor paper, or wantonly destroyed,
which are now in immediate danger of d is in teg ra tion and dis-