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The supervision carried on by the Libraries Section is
grounded in directives issued by the Minister of Education and
Culture in pursuance of Section 9 of the “Public Libraries Law,
1975.” T he Law, largely the result of continued lobbying by
the Section and the ILA for over a decade, empowers the Min-
ister to direct a local authority—or a group of small local au-
thorities—to establish a public library and provide library
services to the population within its jurisdiction. Section 5 of
the Law obligates the Government of Israel, through the Min-
istry of Education and Culture, to contribute towards the estab-
lishment and upkeep of these libraries, with the exact per-
centage to be set each year by the Minister. In effect, the
Libraries Section divides its annual allocation among the
libraries under its supervision, covering between 25%—50%
of their annual budgets, with the local authorities allocating the
remainder. Since the Section’s budget does not enable it to al-
locate funds to every public library, Section 10 of the Law
reads as follows:
This law shall be enforced gradually, year after year, in
accordance with directives issued by the Minister after he
has consulted with the Minister of Finance and the Min-
ister of the In terio r7 and after he has communicated his
decision to the Committee on Education and Culture of
the Knesset, un til it shall have become binding upon all
of the local authorities.
Thus, as we have seen, at the end of the 1977-1978 fiscal year
(which ends on March 31 in Israel) 76 administrative units
received financial aid from the Section and came under its
supervision. These units totalled 287 libraries, including 3
libraries or branches in Arab villages, while their bookmobiles
service 105 additional points. During the 1978-1979 fiscal year,
17 additional units will be added to the list of supervised
libraries, about one-third of them in Arab villages. Public li-
Siah: Safranut ba-Kibbutz,”
Yad Lakore,
vol. 17, no. 1-2 (Dec. 1977-Jan.
1978), pp. 32-43. See also the irregular
Dapp im La-Safran ba-K ibbutz.
6 A mobile library service to 10 Arab villages in the Haifa and Western
Galilee area.
ז The Minister responsible for the functioning of the local authorities.