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tha t of an elementary school teacher, has recommended to the
Minister of Education and Culture tha t such training be pro*
vided by recognized institutions above the high-school level. T he
pu rpo rt of this recommendation, accepted by the Minister, is
to allow each institution (teachers’ seminary or jun io r college)
to build a curriculum for librarianship which would include
at least 50% of courses from among those offered to other
students at tha t institution. These would include basic courses
in Jewish history, literature, and sociology, the sciences and
general humanities.
Action upon this recommendation, which is expected to be
implemented gradually from Fall 1979, will probably entail in
due time an end to ILA certification and to courses as organized
by the Center today. T o this end, the Center is taking part in
discussions which will lead to the implementation of the change,
so as to ensure its place in the future of non-academic training
for librarianship.
In addition to formal courses, short workshops and seminars
are held from time to time on various subjects of interest to
librarians. These events are sometimes for librarians from all
over the county, and sometimes on a regional basis.
In addition to
Leket Divrei Bikore t al Sefarim Hadashim,
the Center publishes
Yad Lakore,
a quarterly journal for li-
braries and archives which publishes articles, short bib-
liographies, book reviews and library and archive news from
Israel and abroad.
Yad Lakore
was founded by the ILA, and
has been published by the Center since vol. 8, no. 3, March
Other Center publications fall into two main categories. T he
first, basic books in librarianship, include such varied publica-
tions as the Hebrew edition of the Abridged Dewey Decimal
Classification, a book of cataloging principles based on latest
revisions of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, original re-
search by Dr. Hie Stanciu on “Reading, the Reader and the
Library,” and a dictionary of library terms approved by a
special committee of the Hebrew Language Academy.
The second category includes bibliographies and indexes of