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Calloway, with subsequent volumes to be published by
Also to be published by
is the Tell Taanach Excavations
begun by the late Paul Lapp. Its final publication is now being
carried on by Albert Glock and others. T he first scheduled
volume is by W. Rast on the Iron Age pottery.
I t should be noted, however, tha t no t all American projects
in Israel associate with or publish via
outlets. T o men-
tion bu t a few, the Brooklyn Museum Expedition to T e ll Olesh,
a chalcolithic site near Hadera, has just completed its first
season of work; and the University of Texas at Austin’s expedi-
tion to Tell Yin’am, has now completed two seasons of work
in Lower Galilee. T o follow news of these sites and others one
must consult the “Notes and News” section of the
Israel Ex-
ploration Journal
or the
Hadashot Archeologioth
(Hebrew) of
the Rockefeller Museum, distributed by the Israel Department
of Antiquities.
By far and away the most prolific field activity has been
conducted by the Israelis themselves. Although economic as
well as other factors have inhibited to some extent their pace
in publication, a number of key publications should be noted.
In addition to the
Israel Explorat ion Journal
one must regularly consult
Qadmonio t ,
a Quarterly for the An-
tiquities of Eretz-Israel and Bible Lands, published by the Israel
Exploration Society, P.O. Box 7041, Jerusalem. This is by far
the handsomest of the new publications and appears only in
Hebrew on a fairly regular schedule. While there has been
some talk of bringing i t out in English, thus far no final plans
have been made. T o fill in for this lack, an ambitious American
publication scheme was recently launched by H. Shanks, editor
of the
Biblical Archaelogy Rev iew,
1737 H St., Northwest,
Washington, D.C. 20006. This new journal, recently pu t into an
attractive large color format, reports in a popu lar way both
American and Israeli archaeological news tha t pertains to Eretz
The leader in Israeli archaeological publication, however, is
the Israel Exploration Society. Its recent
Encyclopedia of Ar-
chaeological Excavations in the Ho l y Land,
vols. I, II, and III ,