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with IV to appear shortly, represents the best up-to-date
English language summary of recent work. I t replaces its He-
brew language predecessor which does not include any of the
new materials after 1970. Convenient summaries of some of the
older material may be found in the new
Encyclopedia Judaica.
The Exploration Society also publishes in Hebrew an Annual
Memorial Series known as
Eretz Israel
with English summaries,
and two regular series, one in English and one in Hebrew en-
’A t iqo t ,
in cooperation with the Department of Anti-
quities and Museums. Each issue, both English and Hebrew, of
,A t i qo t
usually has new material tha t is not reported elsewhere.
T he Israel Exploration Society publishes a list of all its current
stock offered at a substantial discount to members and com-
tributes both financial and logistical support to each of the
major departments and institutes of archaeology in Israel. The
Christian News from Israel
is also often the journal
in which Christian sites are provisionally reported. It is available
through the Israel Ministry of Religions.
T he Hebrew University of Jerusalem has both an Institute
and a Department of Archaeology and together they have
recently launched an important new monograph series,
While not all of their affiliated field projects are necessarily
published in an established series such as the Hazor volumes,
or Ramat Rahel volumes, it is clear that with the help of the
Israel Exploration Society, significant strides are being made to
synthesize material from single projects in ongoing series pre-
sentations. A popular format of selected articles translated into
English on the Jerusalem excavations, entitled
Jerusalem Re-
has been a bestseller. A volume on
Ancient Synagogues
is about to appear in a similar format. For the varied kinds
of work done by the Hebrew University one would have to
turn to all of the journals and series mentioned above. Par-
ticular mention should be made of the recent 3-volume English
publication of the excavations and epigraphy of Beth She'arim,
by B. Mazar, B. Lifshitz and M. Schwabe and N. Avigad
T he Institu te of Archaeology at Te l Aviv University has
recently produced a new journal called
Te l Av iv ,
which has be-
come an important vehicle for disseminating the archaeological
researches being supported by its faculty.
volume I,