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in N o rth Africa, and Jews in South America. Pho tog raphers
looking fo r Jewish subjects could take a cue from the written
A r a d , I s a a c ,
1000 Ha Yam’im
12 June 1967-8 Aug. 1970. Tel Aviv:
Security Ministry, [1972-?]. 274 p.
A v i -Y o n a h , M i c h a e l .
The Holy Land.
Special photography by Mario Car-
rieri. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1973. 288 p.
Jerusalem the Holy.
New York: Schocken Books, 1976. 130 p.
B e n -G u r io n , D a v id .
A Personal History.
“Illustrated with more than 100
photographs”. New York: Funk and Wagnalls, 1971. 862 p.
Ben-Hanan, Eli./srotf/Oc*.
’73-Yom Kippur War.
Tel Aviv, [1974 ?].64p.
B e r g e r ,
N a t h a n
Jewish Trails Through SouthAfrica:
A Documentary With
Photographs . . .Johannesburg: Kaybor, 1976. 196 p.
B e r n h e im , A l f r e d
M a r a in i ,
Fosco.Jerusalem, Rock ofAges.
New York:
Harcourt, Brace
Helen and Kurt Wolff Book], 1969. 122 p.
B lum b e r g , H a r o l d
Weizmann: His Life and Times.
New York: St. Mar­
tin’s Press, 1975. 273 p. Numerous valuable photographs illustrate
this biography.
B r a u n , W e r n e r .
Shalom, Israel.
Tel Aviv: Steimatsky, 1972. No pagina­
----- .
Jerusalem, the Living City.
Foreword by Professor Joshua Prawer.
Jerusalem: Armon, 1967. No pagination.
----- . French translation, entitled
Jerusalem: Cite Biblique
published by
Editions VILO-Paris, 1968.
C a n e t t i , N i c o l a i
C a r l U n d e r h i l l Q u in n .
The Peoples of Israel.
York and London: Peebles Press, 1977. 175 p.
C apa , C o r n e l l ,
Israel, The Reality.
Cleveland: World, 1969. 197 p.
----- .
Jerusalem: City ofMankind.
New York: Grossman Publishers, 1974.
127 p.
C a v a l l o , D ia n e .
The Lower East Side:
A Portrait in Time. New York:
Macmillan, 1971. 134 p.
C o h e n , T z i v i a .
Tseva Haganah Le Yisrael:
Bat-Hen. Haifa: Shikmona
C o . ,
1972. 205 p. A photographic study of women in the
Israeli army.
D a y a n , M o s h e .
Living With theBible.
New York: William Morrow and Co.,
Ltd., 1978. 232 p.
D e h a n , Em m an u e l.
Our Visit to Israel.
Tel Aviv: Copyright by Emmanuel
Dehan. 96 p. This volume could serve as a guide-book.
D o b r g s z y c k i , L u c ja n
B a r b a r a K i r s c h e n b l a t t -G im b l e t t .
Image Before
My Eyes.
New York: Schocken Books, 1977. 269 p.