Page 106 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 37

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E d w a r d s o n , C o r d e l i a .
Photographs by Anna Riwkin-Brick.
Miriam Lives
in aKibbutz.
New York: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, 1971. No pagina­
tion. This volume is a children’s book but the photographs are
informative of kibbutz life.
E n g e lm a n , Edm und .
Berggasse 19:
Sigmund Freud’s Home and Office,
Vienna, 1938. New York: Basic Books, 1977. 153 p.
F a ia n s , D a v id ,
.In Peace and War:
Israel 1948-1968. Tel Aviv: Amihat
Publishers [1968 ?]. No pagination.
F in e ,
RenE e
G e r a r d R . W o l f e .
The Synagogues ofNew York’s Lower
East Side.
New York: Washington News Books, 1978. 172 p.
F r e u l i c h , R om an
J o a n A b r am so n .
The Faces of Israel.
New York:
Thomas Yoseloff, 1972. 203 p.
G a r t n e r , L l o y d
TheJewish Immigrant in England,
7570-1914. London:
Simon Publications, 1973. 320 p.
G ibb o n , D a v id .
Return to Jerusalem.
Surrey, England: Colour Library
International, 1977. 62 p.
G i d a l , T im
L e o r a h K r o y a n k e r .
The Land of Israel:
100 Years Plus 30.
Jerusalem: Steimatsky & Keter Books, 1978. 124 p.
G i l b e r t , M a r t i n .
The Jews of Russia:
Their history in Maps and Photo­
graphs. London: National Council for Soviet Jewry, 1976. 96 p.
G o s t y n s k i ,
Des Pierres Racontent. . .
Paris: Union Desjuifs Originaires
de L’Europe de l’Est, 1973. 122 p.
G r o ssm a n , M e n d e l .
With a Camera in theGhetto.
Israel: Published by Ghetto
Fighter’s House and Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House,
1970. 95 p.
----- .[English version] New York: Schocken Books, 1977. 107 p.
H e l l e r , Im re
Z s igm ond V a jd a .
The Synagogues ofHungary:
An Album.
New York: World Federation of Hungarian Jews and Diplomatic
Press, 1968.
H e r z o g , C h a im
M o r d e c h a i G i c h o n .
Battles of the Bible.
New York:
Random House, 1978. 247 p.
H ubm ann , F r a n z .
Das Jiidische Familienalbum.
Verlag Fritz Molden, 1972. 336 p.
----- .
The Jewish Family Album:
The Life of a People in Photographs.
Boston: Little Brown and Co., 1975.
ICP Library of Photographers.
Roman Vishniac.
New York: Grossman,
1974. 96 p.
Israel 25:
A Pictorial Celebration of Israel’s 25th Birthday. New York:
Arlington House, 1973. 266 p.
K o l l e k , T e d d y .
ForJerusalem: A
Life by Teddy Kollek. New York: Ran­
dom House, 1978. 269 p. Photographs are used to illustrate this
“standard life.”
K r a n z l e r , G e o r g e .
The Face of Faith:
Williamsburg, USA, an American
Hassidic Community. Baltimore, Maryland: The Baltimore Hebrew
College Press, 1972. 117 p.