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augu red well fo r fu tu re A rab-Israeli cooperative publishing ef­
forts. T he hopes fo r g rea ter literary in terchange have also been
heigh tened by recen t acknowledgements by such leading Egyp­
tian writers as Najib Mahfuz and Teu fiq Al-Hakim o f the high
level o f Israeli research into m odern Arab literature.
O ther aspects o f Hebrew litera tu re are covered in various con­
tributions. Zvulun Ravid’s Hebrew article on the 70th anniversary
o f
the first Hebrew daily newspaper in America, points
to a valuable source fo r our unders tand ing o f the American
Jewish imm igran t experience. Sidney B. Hoenig has po rtrayed
the role o f Meir Bar-Ilan as scholar, Zionist leader, Hebrew ed ito r
and memoirist. Morris A. Moskowitz has dealt with Gershon
Shoffman as a universal artist, who in troduced new elements into
Hebrew writing. An analysis o f the difficulties and challenges o f
translating m ode rn Hebrew litera tu re is offeredT by Norm an
T a rno r , who subjects to scrutiny some o f the translated works o f
such au thors as Agnon, Hazaz, Barash and Amichai.
At a time when the Holocaust is serving in increasing measure
as material fo r academic courses, dramatic programs and books,
David Mirsky en ters a long overdue and well needed caveat
against the abuse o f this theme in literature . He has amply dem ­
onstrated the trivialization and even perversion o f the theme by
writers who have sought to exploit its marketability. A similar
abuse may be seen in the utilization o f the theme of the rise o f the
State o f Israel fo r the concoction o f various cloak-and-dagger
thrillers and spy stories.
I l l
In ou r series o f field-spanning surveys, Ju lia Hirsch has evalu­
ated the leading works that have made use o f the medium o f
photography . She has appended a useful bibliography o f such
works covering the last decade. Similarly, Byron L. Sherwin has
pointed to the notable additions made du r ing the past decade to
the area o f Jewish thought.
Still ano ther contribution to ou r ongoing series o f descriptive
articles concerning the holdings o f various libraries, is the survey
o f the Hebraic and Juda ic collections at Columbia University by
B ernard R. Crystal and Rudolph Ellenbogen. Simcha Berkowitz’s
po rtra it o f Ephra im Deinard, on the 50th anniversary o f his