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dea th , pays tribu te to a bookseller and bibliophile who, m o re than
any o the r single individual, was responsible fo r the acquisition o f
Hebrew collections by leading American libraries.
In his annua l review o f Jewish literary anniversaries T h eo d o re
Wiener has h ighlighted the im po rtan t dates tha t may be observed
du r ing 1980. On the occasion o f the 25th anniversary o f the dea th
o f Ludwig Lewisohn, Stanley F. Chyet has exam ined the role o f
Zionism in the au th o r ’s work. I t may well be tha t Lewisohn’s
Zionism was a factor in the decline o f his standing with American
literary critics. An interesting aspect o f Vladimir Jabo tinsky’s
many-sided ca reer as statesman and au tho r is revealed in Stanley
Nash’s appraisal o f his feuilletonist writings.
As in previous years,
the Annual
presen ts seven bibliographies
covering ou r literary ou tpu t in America, England and Israel. T h e
listings focus on Hebrew and Yiddish creativity, as well as on
works in English, thus emphasizing again the tri-lingual charac ter
o f ou r literature.
It is with a sense o f p ro found sorrow and grea t loss tha t we
record the passing du r ing the past year o f two central figures o f
the Jewish Book Council — A. Alan Steinbach and Charles An-
Dr. Steinbach, who led a busy life as rabbi, au tho r and com­
m una l leader, served as presiden t o f the Council from 1958-
1962. He edited 21 volumes o f the
and upon his re tire ­
m en t as ed itor was designated as ed ito r emeritus. For a period o f
15 years he served simultaneously also as ed ito r o f
Jewish Book-
He was a creative spirit in ou r midst, having p roduced nine
books and many poems.
Dr. Angoff the novelist, critic, poet and gifted teacher was
singularly at home in the world o f general literature. Yet he never
tired o f stressing his positive Jewishness. T h e au tho r and ed ito r o f
more than thirty books, he took especial p ride in his Polonsky
saga, whose many volumes p resen t a vivid picture o f American
Jewish life from its Eastern European imm igrant days on. He
served for more than two decades on the editorial advisory com­
mittees o f the
Jewish Bookland.
Once again we express ou r g ra titude to the Jewish Welfare
Board and its leaders for the ir con tinued suppo r t o f the activities