Page 13 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 37

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and publications o f the Jewish Book Council. We a re pleased to
acknowledge the annua l gifts o f the Lucius N. L ittauer Founda­
tion and the Israel Matz Foundation towards the publication o f
the Annual.
Th is year a special contribution was received from the
Jo seph M eyerhoff Fund o f Baltimore th rough Dr. Louis L. Kap­
lan, its executive vice-president. We a re appreciative o f the help
received from the late Dr. Israel M. Goldman, rabbi and au tho r,
in this rega rd . To Rabbis Ju d a h Nadich, Gilbert K laperman and
Ely E. Pilchik, fo rm e r presidents o f the Council, ou r thanks for
the ir constant cooperation.
Yaamdu kulam al ha-berakhah.