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literature, which heretofore had seen only the sadness o f Jewish
life. He first came to America during World War I, but d id not
settle here permanently un til 1938. He was the first Yiddish writer
of world renown in his life-time, many of his works being translated
into English and other western languages. In
T h r e e C i t ie s ,
described a Jewish family during the turbulent years of this
century in Eastern Europe. His novels about early Christianity
( T h e N a za r en e , M a ry ,
T h e A p o s t l e )
were very successful,
but helped to estrange him from the Jewish establishment.
a h m a n
v ig a d
75th birthday. Born in Seidenberg, Germany, Sep
tember 29, 1905. Professor of biblical archeology at the Hebrew
University, he has participated in several excavations in Palestine,
most recently in the Old City of Jerusalem. W ith Yigael Yadin he
published the
G enesis A p o c r y p h o n ,
a part of the Dead Sea Scrolls,
with English translation. His thesis dealt with the ancient monu­
ments in the Kidron Valley.
Meir B ar -I lan (B er lin ) . 100th anniversary of birth. Born in Volozhin,
Russia, April 10, 1880, died in Jerusalem in 1949. T h e son of the
founder of the Volozhin Yeshiva, he joined the Mizrachi move­
ment, serving in its leadership throughout his life in Europe, the
Un ited States, and since 1926 in Palestine. He edited various
periodicals advancing the Mizrachi idea and was editor of its
ha-Zofeh ,
in Tel-Aviv during the last decade of his life.
In addition to various collections of his articles he wrote an
autobiography and a biography of his father, Rabbi Naphtali Zevi
Judah Berlin. In his honor the Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan
was established.
sa a c
e l i n f a n t e
200th anniversary of death. D ied in Amsterdam,
September 7, 1780. A preacher at the Ets Hayim Yeshiva, he is
considered a forerunner of the Haskalah movement, since he wrote
Hebrew poems in the style of that movement. Most of his work,
however, has remained in manuscript.
e r m a n
( T
sev i
ir s h
) B
o d e k
100th anniversary of death. Born in
Brody, Galicia, in 1820, died in Leipzig, Germany, August 19, 1880.
Son-in-law of Solomon J. Rapaport, the influential Haskalah
scholar, he settled in Leipzig where he engaged in business and also
served as Hebrew interpreter at the local district court. In addition
to poems and historical articles in Hebrew periodicals, he prepared
a Hebrew version of the laws of the Freemasons, comparing them
in part with Talmud ic law.
s r a e l
o h e n
75th birthday. Born in Galicia, June 10, 1905. Emigrat­
ing to Palestine in 1925, he was active in the Jewish labor move­
ment and was on the editorial staff and eventually the editor of