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edited a great many medieval Hebrew texts, some with English
translation, and also wrote on Anglo-Jewish history. H e was the
first rabbi to be knighted.
u d a h
o r d o n
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Vilna, Decem ­
ber 7, 1830, died in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad) in 1892. Con­
sidered the most important Hebrew poet of the Haskalah period,
he was first a teacher in modern Jewish schools and later an
editor of Hebrew journals. As a modernist he attacked the nar­
rowness of traditional Jewish life, while at the same time opposing
assimilation in the West, chiding West European Jewish scholars
for abandoning Hebrew as their medium of expression. After
the pogroms of 1882 he also began to emphasize the national
identity of the Jewish peop le without, however, jo in ing the
Hibbat Zion movement, which he considered premature. H e also
wrote in Russian and German, contributing articles on Jewish
subjects to the Russian encyclopedia and on Hebrew literature to
German Jewish periodicals.
h a im
r a d e
70th birthday. Born in Vilna, Poland, April 5, 1910,
he has been in America since 1948. Prior to World War I he was
a member of the “Young V ilna” group. A student of the Hazon
Ish, he was attracted to the Musar movement, which he depicted
in his poetry and novels. He dealt especially with the struggle
between secular and religious ideas in Eastern Europe. H is first
book of poetry
(Yes, 1936) was followed by a whole series
of lyric and narrative works which established his literary repu­
tation. In many of his poems he mourns the victims of the H o lo ­
caust. He is the author of numerous short stories and novels, of
which the fo llow ing have appeared in English translation:
Little Lanes
(1972) ;
The Well
(1967) ;
The Agunah
(1974) ; and
The Yeshiva
(2 vols., 1975; 1977).
e t e r
r a d e n w it z
70th birthday. Born in Berlin January 24, 1910.
A musicologist, who settled in Palestine in 1936, he established
Israel Music Publications, the major Israeli music pub lishing house.
In Hebrew he wrote several works on music, also a work on
music in Israel, which was translated into several languages
ancl Musicians in Israel,
1952, 1959 -) . His are probably the first
works on musicology in Hebrew.
u i
iu s
il l e l
r e e n s t o n e
25th anniversary of death. Born in Mariam-
pol, Lithuania, in 1873, died in Philadelphia March 7, 1955.
Ordained at the Jewish Theo log ica l Seminary in New York, he
became principal of Gratz College in Philadelphia, a Hebrew
teachers institute. His major work was
The Messiah Idea in Jewish
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