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Th is was in tended as a popular work, om itting the technical dis­
cussions of the
In its time it was w idely acclaimed and
quite popular in Central Europe. It was first printed in 1510 and
many times thereafter with additional commentaries by other
outstanding authorities.
a m u e l
s b a n
75th birthday. Born in Gostinin, Poland, September 26,
1905. Settling in Palestine with his family as a boy, he came to
America in 1938. He has been writing novels in Yiddish about life
in Palestine, on biblical themes, and about an American Jewish
family. Several of these have been translated into Hebrew.
l a d im ir
a b o t i n s k y
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Odessa,
Russia, October 18, 1880, died near New York in 1940. From an
assimilated Jewish family, he was an accomplished Russian journa­
list. After the Kishinev Pogrom of 1903, he became an active
Zionist and placed his literary and forensic abilities in the service
of this cause. During World War I he was instrumental in bringing
about the establishment of the Jewish Legion to fight on behalf
of the Allies to liberate Palestine. Afterwards he served on the
Zionist Executive, but resigned as the policies of Weizmann were
not m ilitant enough for him and organized the Revisionist move­
ment. Late in life he learned Hebrew, enab ling him to translate
into that language and rendering B ia lik ’s poetry
into Russian. In addition to innumerable articles and essays on
his conception of Zionism, he wrote a novel based on the life
of Samson in Russian (English translation,
Prelude to Delilah,
sca r
a n o w s k y
80th birthday. Born in Suchowola, Poland, January
15, 1900. In this country since 1910, he was for many years
professor of history at the City University of New York. Much
of his written work deals with contemporary Jewish life .
Jews and Minority Rights, 1898-1919
People at Bay
The American Jew, a Composite Portrait
The American
Jew, a Reappi aisal
(1964) are some of the works he has contributed.
He likewise was on the editorial board of
The Menorah Journal
Jewish Social Studies
and served among the editors of the
Encyclopaedia Judaica
a l m a n
a h a n a
70th birthday. Born in Brody, Galicia, May 31, 1910.
Educated for the Orthodox rabbinate in Germany, he became one
of Lhe leaders of the Poalei Agudat Israel movement, settling in
Palestine in 1938 and found ing Kibbutz Hafez Hayyim in 1944.
After the establishment of Israel, he became a member of the
Knesset and served also as deputy minister of education. Through ­