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a y a n
, Y
a e l
Three Weeks in October.
New York, Delacorte /E leanor
Friede, 1979. xii, 242 p.
During the Yom Kippur War an Israeli soldier searches for an
intelligence agent who had been placed in the Sinai; the missing
agent is the unidentified burn victim in the Jerusalem hospital
where the soldier’s wife volunteers. Dayan conveys the national
mourning, physical hardships, psychological tension and tragedies
caused by war and death.
i l l e
, N
e l s o n
By the rivers of Babylon .
New York, Harcourt,
Brace, Jovanovich, 1978. 391 p.
A plane carrying Israeli (Jewish and Arab) delegates to a
Middle East peace conference is hijacked by a Palestinian group
and forced to land near ancient Babylon. Includes fast-paced
military action and incongruous romance. Death is treated too
u k e
, M
a d e l a i n e
The Bormann receipt.
New York, Stein and Day,
1978. 225 p.
The attempts of a Jewish British citizen to recover art master­
pieces stolen by the Nazis from her childhood home in Austria.
The emphasis is on property rather than life, and the book
virtually ignores human suffering.
p s t e in
, L
e s l i e
K ing of the Jews.
New York, Coward, McCann and
Geoghehan, 1979. 350 p.
An unsavory unscrupulous Jew gains popularity in a Polish
town. In the 1940s he becomes the head of the Judenrat—
responsible for choosing those who will be sent to die, and for
organizing the Jewish police who seal off the ghetto. Partially based
on the life of Mordecai Chaim Rumkowski, head of the Juden­
rat in Lodz.
r i e d m a n
, B
e n
The anguish of Father Ra fti.
New York, Tw o Con­
tinents, 1978. 319 p.
In a Texas town the son of a Jewish World War II survivor is
killed by youths fired by the priest’s sermons about Jews as Jesus
killers. T h e priest, a good friend of the boy’s father, is brought
to trial; Catholic liturgy and scripture are carefully exam ined for
traces of anti-Semitism.
a r b o
, N
o r m a n
The artist.
New York, Norton, 1978. 477
p .
T he hero’s memories of a pogrom in his childhood shtetl color
his life-long efforts to mirror the 20th-century Jewish struggle for
survival. The subjects of his paintings are ghetto Jews and the
horrors of battle. T h e author is an accomplished artist himself.
New York, Norton, 1979. 320 p.
A spy-thriller, involving an international underground working