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t e i n e r
, M
o se s
Satan in the woods.
New York, Shengold, 1978.
219 p.
T h e theme is Jewish survival in this story of a Galician Jew ’s
experiences between the World Wars. T h e hero embraces Zionism
as an answer to his personal problems and to the interwar crisis
of the Jewish people.
u l t a n
, S
t a n l e y
R abb i, a tale of the wan ing year.
Haydenville, Mass.,
American Novelists’ Cooperative, 1978. 312 p.
T h e author uses the Sephardic Jewish experience in America as
a vehicle to express many layers of ideas: intolerance (within
the Jewish community and also vis-a-vis G en t ile s ) , tradition vs.
assimilation, and the relationship between man and God.
a n
j n d t
, P
h i l i p p e
The trial of A do lf H i tle r .
New York, Summit
Books (Simon and Schuster), 1978. 334 p.
H itler survives World War II and lives quietly for 25 years as
a Bavarian villager. H e reveals his identity in a challenge to the
world and is brought to trial at the UN before distinguished
judges from Israel, Russia, England, the USA, and Germany.
e in b e r g
, N
o r b e r t
Beyond the wall.
New York, Bloch, 1978. 103 p.
A collection of 8 stories about the Western Wall.
o u k
, H
e r m a n
War and rememberance.
New York, Little Brown,
1978. 1042 p.
An historical romance, sequel to
The w inds of war,
in detail all the fronts of World War II, especially the Nazis’
attempt at genocide.
e h o s h u a
A. B.
The lover.
Tr. by Philip Simpson. New York, Double­
day, 1978. 352 p.
T h e lover of a middle-aged wife disappears after the Yom
Kippur War. T h e popular Israeli author probes the psyches
of the woman, her husband and family as they develop a fixation
to search for the lost lover.
e l d is
, C
h a y y m
The brothel.
New York, G. P. Putnam, 1979. 448 p.
Set in ancient Palestine harshly ruled by the Romans; among
the characters are Jesus and his family, described in a down-to-
earth fashion. Stresses v iolence and evil.