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Jewish Juvenile Books
l t s h u l e r
, D
a v id
A young reader’s version of “ The war against the
Jews” by Lucy Daw idow icz.
New York, Behrman House, 1978,
109 p.
A worthy effort at adapting the Dawidowicz book for an older
elementary level. It loses little in the translation and remains a
valuable source book of the Holocaust experience for the elem en­
tary and junior high-school child, (ages 8-15)
r o n in
, B
e n
The secret of the Sabbath fish.
Illus. by Shay Rieger.
Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1979, unp.
Aronin has retold the Yiddish folktale of the origin of gefilte
fish. Appearing as a fisherman, the prophet Elijah instructs poor
but righteous T an te Mashe to prepare the single fish she has
purchased from him while “thinking of what has happened to
the Jewish peop le.” She does and it feeds the town. Despair and
hope are contained in the ingredients, (ages 8 and up)
A s im o v , I s a a c .
Animals of the Bible.
Illus. by H. Berelson. New York,
Doubleday, 1978, unp.
Fancifully illustrated in the manner of a medieval bestiary, the
animals are placed within their biblical (“Old and New Testa­
ments”) context, both as symbols and as found in nature. Could
be useful with the filmstrip: “Israel’s biblical zoo,” from the Jew­
ish National Fund, (all ages)
e a r m a n
, J
a n e
The eigh t ?iights; A Chanukah coun ting book.
York, Un ion of American Hebrew Congregations. 1978, unp.,
What better way for Jewish youngsters to learn to count than
by Hanukkah candles, a rhyme and number for each candle per
page. Illustrations are collages of painted pictures. Includes words,
music, candle blessings in Hebrew and English, (ages 2-6)
, J
Hanukkah crafts.
New York, Bonim Books, Hebrew
Publishing Co., 1978, 144 p.
An active book covering the story of the holiday, the blessings,
games, decorations, plays for shows, gifts, etc. for Hanukkah. T h e
instructions are clear and are further clarified by simple line
illustrations, (ages 9 and up)