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l o c h
, M
a r ie
a l u n
D isp laced person .
New York, Lothrop, 1978,
191 p.
T h e aftermath of World War II finds a Gentile 14-year-old
boy in danger of breakdown after the loss of his parents and home.
In a final triumph of the human spirit, he gathers strength to
continue his father’s work and save his friends from capture by
the Russians, who have come to “liberate” them, (ages 11 and up)
r a n d
, S
a n d r a
I dared to live.
New York, Shengold, 1978, 203 p.
Reading like a “thriller,” this autobiographical account of the
author’s wartime experience, masquerading as a Gentile in War­
saw, is written with candor and girlish enthusiasm despite the
passage of years. A good addition to Holocaust writing, (young
adults and adults)
r i n
, R
u t h
The Shabbat catalogue.
New York, Ktav. 1978, 128 p.,
Similar in format to
The Jewish catalogue,
it serves as a use­
ful handbook for the family celebration of Shabbat. Highly
recommended, (all ages)
h a ik i n
, M
i r i a m
I should worry, I should care.
b y
R. Egielski.
New York, Harper and Row, 112 p.
Despite death, poverty, anti-Semitism and the increasingly dis­
turbing news from Europe, young Molly is mainly preoccupied
with her child’s world. A valid interpretation of Jewish family
life of that period, (ages 9-12)
o h e n
, F
l o r e v a
Sneakers to shul.
Illus. by Zephyr Cooper. New
York, Board of Jewish Education, 1979, 35 p. paper
A young boy is delighted to be told that both he and his
modern, urban family are to wear sneakers to shul on Yom
Kippur. Unpretentious and pleasant, even to the wooden-
figured family, (ages 6-9)
o l m a n
, H
i l a
Rache l’s legacy.
New York, Morrow, 1978, 192 p.
A young immigrant’s rise from poverty to fame and success as
a dress designer and manufacturer. Although the legacy left to
Ellie by her mother had been mishandled, leaving Ellie and her
father penniless, she treasures her true legacy: character and the
ability to stand on her own. Excellent Jewish values throughout,
but an unrealistic ending, (ages 12 and up)
u y l e r
, M
a r g e r y
Jewish holidays.
Ulus, by Lisa
C .
Wesson. New
York, Holt, 64 p.
Although illustrated with cartoonish pictures, the extremely
lucid text not only gives instructions for recipes, decorations and
activities for 9 Jewish holidays, but delves into the historic back­
ground, and the several layers of meaning ascribed to these holi-