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days. A glossary an d H eb rew /E ng lish ca lenda r are inc luded in
this fine co n tribu tion , (ages 7-12)
h r m a n
, Y
o c h e v e d
My first Siddur.
New York, Bloch, 1979, unp .
A simply illus tra ted in trodu c t ion to the S iddu r in H eb rew and
English for pre-readers and beginners, from an O r tho dox po in t of
view, (ages 3-7)
is e n b e r c
, P
h y l l i s
o s e
A m itzvah is som e th ing special.
Illus. by
Susan Jeschke. New York, H a rp e r , 1978, 30 p.
N o t all grandmas are alike. A t least Lisa's w e ren ’t. O ne was for
story-telling and qu ilt-making; the o th e r for exc item en t and fun.
In inqu ir in g from them “W h a t is a mitzvah?,” D o rr ie in ­
advertan tly does a mitzvah for the two of them . Joyful read ing ,
made even more pleasu rab le by the expressive pencil sketches,
(ages 5-120)
F a r b e r , N o r m a .
t h e l e f t b e h i n d b e a s t s b u i l t A r a r a t .
Illus. by
A. Frasconi. New York, Walker, 1978, 26 p.
A mildly amusing rhym ing tale abou t the animals th a t Noah
d id n ’t board. T h e woodcuts are s tunn ing , (ages 5-9)
e l t o n
, H
a r o l d
Uriah Phillips Levy.
Illus. with photos an d p rin ts .
New York, Dood, 1979. 127 p.
A fictionalized biography of the first [ewish commodore of
the American navy. S tand ing for pa trio tism an d naval reform ,
he applies Jewish h um an i ta r ian values to a cruel organ ization,
where floggings and in justice were commonplace. U nd istingu ished
in literary quality , bu t serving a need, (ages 10-16)
o r m a n
, J
a m e s
Nazism .
New York, W atts, 1978. 128 p.
A chronological account of the b ir th , grow th an d u ltim a te
demise of Nazism. H i t le r is viewed as the ex trem e expression of
T eu ton ic anit-Semitism, roo ted in na tiona lis tic philosophy and
d istorted mythology, (ages 14 up)
i r i o n
, B
a r b a r a
A Tangle of roots.
New York, Scribner’s, 1979, 154 p.
In moving, realistic scenes the accelerated growing-up of a 16-
year-old girl, who has suddenly lost he r mother, is described.
Anger, grief and loneliness give way to unde rs tand ing , m a tu rity
and a k ind of toughness. Jewish values are con tingen t upon the
g randm o the r’s insistence, ra th e r than the convictions of the father,
au n t or daughter, whose romance with a non-few is only in te r ­
rup ted by default, (ages 14 and up)
o f f s t f
i n
M. B.
Family scrapbook.
b y
the au tho r . New York,
Farrar, 1978, unp .
An evocation of the au tho r 's ch ildhood memories: h e r b irthdav ,
the family’s acquisition of a new pick-up truck, a secular New