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Year’s Eve and Yom Kippur. Family love and togetherness is
pervasive. Understated simple black and white drawings reflect
the fleetingness of the occasions described, (ages 7-10)
— .
My N oah ’s ark.
Illus. by the author. New York, Harper 1978, unp.
All the joys a little old woman has known are contained in a
small toy ark carved for her by her father. T iny precious draw­
ings complement the delicacy of the text. Since children are not
yet removed from childhood, it must be for adults, (ages 8-12)
o l d r e ic h
, G
l o r ia
New York, Holt, 1979, 181
p .
After being suspended from her posh progressive school for
smoking pot, Lori is assigned to the care of her grandfather’s
boyhood friend, a resident of an Israeli Moshav. She soon mellows
and undergoes a shift in values. T h e attractive characters help
readers identify with their problems, hopes and feelings about
Israel, (ages 12 and up)
r a y
, B
e t t y a n n e
Many a’s story.
New York, Lerner, 1978. 128
p .
Saga based on the life of the author’s parents: how they met,
married, survived pogroms and finally arrived in 1921 at Ellis
Island with their infant son. Clinging to their faith, they had
survived trauma, separation and near death as the Red Army,
White Army and Ukrainian Nationalists vied for control. Photo­
graphs enrich this affectionate memoir, (ages 12 and up)
r e e n
, M
e l i n d a
Bembe lman ’s bakery.
Illus. by Barbara Seuling.
New York, Parent’s Magazine Press, 1978, unp.
An original picture-book tale describing the secret of the
superior product of Bembelman’s Bakery. Wanting to surprise
their parents one day, the Bembelman children concoct their
own recipe for bread, measuring the ingredients with comical but
exceptionally successful results! The apt illustrations are just right
for this tongue-in-cheek tale. An authentic children’s picture
book, (ages 4-8)
a l p e r n
M ihu the de tective.
Illus. by the author. New York,
Feldheim, 1979, unp., paper.
An overly cute didactic book about a mouse stealing the
chametz. (ages 2-6)
a n n a m
, C
h a r l e s
A boy in that situation .
New York, Harper, 1978.
217 p.
An autobiographical account of the author’s coming of age as
a young Jewish refugee from Nazism in England. It describes an
adolescent’s search for self-identity, but contains no Jewish values,
(ages 16-18)