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h o l e m
l e i c h e m
Hanukah Money .
Trans, and adapted by Uri
Shulevitz and Elizabeth Shub. Illus. by Shulevitz. New York, Green-
w illow Books, 1978, 30 p.
Shulevitz’s droll, sepia toned illustrations recall the shtetl and
its inhabitants, especially the two little brothers whose main in ­
terest in Hanukkah was in collecting their “gelt,” which they
do with hilarious results, (all ages, but especially ‘seniors’)
k o l s k y
, M
in d y
a r s h a w
Carnival and kopeck and more about
Illus. by Karen Ann Weinhaus. New York, Harper and
Row, 1979, 80 p.
Hannah continues a loving relationship with her story-telling
grandma, who relates tales of her girlhood in a Polish shtetl. When
the two have a spat, Hannah learns that disagreeing is normal in
a close association and does not negate love, (ages 8-12).
n y d e r
, C
a r o l
Ike and mama and the once-a-year-suit.
Illus. by Charles
Robinson. New York, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1978, 47 p.
A homely reminiscence about an intrepid Jewish mother, a
clothing “maven,” and bargainer
pa r excellence.
She not only
takes her own son shopping, but—since her fame has spread
throughout the neighborhood—takes thirteen other boys as well,
(ages 8-12)
o y e r
, A
b r a h a m
The adventures of Yemima.
Trans, by Rebecca
Beagle and Rebecca Soyer. Illus. by Raphael Soyer. New York,
Viking, 1979, 80 p.
Six stories that are wise, magical and humorous: a brave little
girl outwits a fox and a wolf; two sly and greedy animals get
their just desserts, etc. First published in Hebrew 40 years ago,
they have been translated so that the cadences and rich imagery
remain. Sensitive, poignant pencil sketches by Raphael Soyer
accompany these tales of the ultimate triumph of goodness, (ages
p e c t o r
, S
h o s h a n n a h
The miraculous rescue at En tebbe .
b y
Th eo Phalieros. New York, Shengold, 1978, unp.
A simply written account of the episode supposedly told to
American Jewish campers by their Israeli counselor, Yoram, who
was a witness to the event, (ages 8-12)
p i r a u x
, A
l a i n
T im e out.
H i t le r , your m o ther’s calling
you )
. New York, T im es Books, 1978, 186 p. (transl. from the
French ) .
Moshe, a Jewish boy, whose mother calls him “H itler” when he
misbehaves, starts to ape the Fuhrer’s odious actions, claim ing that
he is possessed. By the time the “demon” is exorcised, the farce has