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become reality and Moshe’s mother is taken with the rest of the
Jews in France, (ages 14 and up)
t e i n b e r g
, F
a n n i e
B irthday in K ish inev.
Illus. by Luba Hanushak.
Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1979. 80 p.
Sarah’s 12th birthday turns out to be the most frighten ing day
of her life, as that was the day of the infamous Kishinev pogrom.
How Sarah and her family survive, and how despair and terror
are transformed into hope is recreated in a fictionalized memoir
of uncommon charm, (ages 9-14)
in e b e r g
, E
t h e l
G randmo ther came from D w o r i tz
a Jewish story.
Illus. by Rita Briansky. New York, Scribner’s, 1978, 48 p., paper
A memoir in picture-book format, describing the traditionally
Jewish and difficult life in Poland of the author’s great-grand­
parents, her mother’s brave lonely voyage to America, and her
own childhood in Canada, (ages 5-7 with adult, 7-10 alone) .