Page 216 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 37

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onaaip ay anna mxV x r .]nxp jxas’V nryVx
.rVwn ,pxp *iov VxVxa ,rVpma .raawx n
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/ay T"
Commentary on the book of Jonah and four of the Five Scrolls by
Jacob ben Hayvim Feibush Kahn, an 18th century rabbi in Vistinetz,
nnx oy .a ays osna .jnxp apy* nxa . □ 1Vn n Vy ap ys y n
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s"p .a^'Vwn ,pxp nor VxVxa ,rVpna .mnyn
A new ed ition of a commentary on the book of Psalms by Jacob
ben Hayyim Feibush Kahn, of Vistinetz, Poland.
,pnr ra .nan* Vxnw’ nxa .o’nos naoa Vy a’wn’n , Vx nw ’ V Va
/ay Y'yp .n"Vwn ,orna anxn oisna
nat noia ,’O T in va
.vnnVwn wnpn a *»•»n n n i x
/ay n"an ,n"Vwn /Vnsa
A topical index to the writings of the famous 18th century rabbinic
commentator and kabbalist Hayyim Ibn Attar; includes also a b io ­
graphy by Reuben Margaliot.
nxa .x *pa .oxn ’aa awa an aipa ,o"wn Vy ’ v x a n a 1pV’
.rrVwn ,.xp .axs naw nraw ,rVpma .Vyxnrx
/ay a^pn
raxyV awn nwx .ixaxp Vx’mp’> nxa , n m n ’ a1p•>V ( onaa i p)
.fxaxp r x a a^m Vxnw’ vaa v/y mxV xxv .rana nmnaxa
.'ay x"a .n"Vwn ,"nam„ oisn ,rVpma
.a"Vwn ,nnp ,rVpna .na ,na a^pns . x ’ an o n a x ’ a1p V
/ay r x n —ran
A new annotated ed ition of the major work of Shneor Zalman of
Ladi, the founder of Habad (Lubavitch) Hasidism. Th is volume
covers chapters 24 and 25.
Vnaya enaa nxa .anyiai ann ,yiawn nvwns Vy n t n *>w ■>a i pV
.niacin ay napinai nwnn nxnn .anan .n nna .n nso .jnxonwaw
.n"Vwn ,nnp -rVpna
Sermons on the weekly Pentateuchal portions and festivals, by
Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, the present leader of Habad.
xxv .n x ’Va iaVr mx^aw nxa . i " o p n i p r n n " i a n x n a x a
/ay rT'an .a"Vwn ,nnp ,rVpna /"naa maiwxnn aysa mxV
A collection of the sayings and speeches of Shneor Zalman of Ladi,
the founder of Habad (Lubavitch), of the year 1805/06.
anwaa'V axV’anxn pnaxn aim Vxiaw nxa . j wn Vn aa ( n " i w )
'sn ra ,n"o ,x"s .n"Vwn ,xVa mx
#pVpina .poayrV