Page 218 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 37

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Selections from the writings of Rabbi Hayyim Halberstam, the
famous founder of the hasidic dynasty of Zanz.
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/ a y 40 ,26 .rVWfl /“iVa’Vx fHDT D’212X *7*712 ,pVpTia
A collection of writings from prom inent rabbinic figures of the
past century which urges the support of those who devote their full
time to the study of Torah.
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/ay "ran .rrVwn ,»?moa»
Vol. 2 of discourses on the principles of Judaism delivered before
the students of the Te lshe Yeshiva.
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/ay x"w .t>*Vwn ,o’na D’nxn 01212 ,pnp
Vol. 5 of responsa by Rabbi Ephraim Oshry of New York dealing
with problems arising from the Holocaust.
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/ay n"an .n"Vwn
Vx^iry nxa .o*aann ntvw2 D’w a i o’wrpn .1 pVn . -into >nyw
.lay 502 .n"Vwn w ’2 *ax’a .pVxii nryVx Vxiaw o^n l.Tprn
Vol. 6 of a commentary of Maimonides’
M ishneh Torah
by Rabbi
Samuel Volk of Miami Beach, Florida.
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