Page 233 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 37

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In the profile of ages.
T e l Aviv, I. L. Peretz, 1978.
354 p. Illus.
Literary history, emphasizing the influence of a “uniform Jew­
ish spirit,” especially on modern Soviet Yiddish literature. The
author, a Soviet emigre, now lives in Israel.
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e r l e r
, J
o s e f
12 August, 1952.
Jerusalem, 1978. 224 p. Illus.
Memoirs, literary portraits, journalistic accounts dedicated to
the memory of the martyred Soviet Yiddish writers. The audior,
a prominent Yiddish poet, lived in Soviet camps and emigrated
to Israel in the 1970s.
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e r s h
, Y
e h u d a
The destination of a nation.
T e l Aviv, Israel-Book,
1978. 403 p.
Essays on the spiritual life of the Jewish people, from biblical
times to the present.
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c h u l m a n
, E
l ia s
Portraits and studies.
New York, CYCO, 1979. 512 p.
Essays and reviews about Yiddish writers and their works, plus
discussions of Old Yiddish literature.
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